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How to Protect Yourself From Pet Animals and Pet Bites

As soon as we started to lead a social life from being a cave man, we started to pet and domesticate certain animals for our own use. Dogs were the best companions when we hunted down animals for food. However, once we started to become more dependent on agriculture for food, animals like goats and cows became our domestic companions. With advancements in our civilization, we now pet many more animals and birds. There are many countries in the world where people pet snakes, tortoise, and even dangerous wild animals.

Though we started to pet many animals and make them as a part of our lives, most of us lack the knowledge on how to protect ourselves from these animals. Like, what to do when we are bitten by them, what are the precautionary steps that need to be taken to prevent potential infections that result from them, and What to do in case of an animal bite.

What to do when our pet bites us?

  • As soon as your pet bites you, wash the bitten area thoroughly in running water for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a soap or antiseptic liquid repeatedly while washing off.
  • After washing the wound in running water with soap or antiseptic liquid, rush to a Doctor immediately.
  • Tetanus vaccine (TT) is mandatory for a person bitten by an animal. If it is a Dog bite then the Doctor will prescribe for an anti-rabies vaccine. The Same vaccine will be prescribed for the cat bite, monkey bite, and bat bite as well. This vaccine is mandatory and needs to be taken without fail. Because there is no cure for Rabies. We can only prevent it.
  • Rat bites can lead to Leptospirosis. So appropriate vaccines should be taken to prevent it.
  • Feathers, stools, and wastes of birds can cause pneumonia. If it leads to throat infections, cough, or fever, then it needs an immediate attention from a Doctor.

What should not be done?

Prevent tying ropes or clothes on top and bottom part of an animal bite. Doing this may lead to problems in the nervous system and may cause serious complications while treating the bite.

Should we be only worried about bites?

Diseases and infections from pets are not solely caused by bites. Cuts on their skin surface, and fleas or lice that infest these wounds can cause diseases and infections for its owner or to those who play with it. To prevent this from happening, it is a must that Dogs and pets need to be properly vaccinated for Rabies and other diseases.

Pets should be vaccinated with de-worming vaccines once in three months time based on their weight. This should be done with a Doctor’s directions. They need to be regularly vaccinated as per Doctor’s advice without fail. In case of fleas and lice on pets’ hair, they should be rightly treated with appropriate medicines.

Following these steps will ensure your total safety from pets and pet bites. 

Quick Tips

  • Irrespective of the pet you own, you need to wash off your hands and legs thoroughly with soap after playing with them.
  • People who are prone to allergies or pre-existing health condition should consult a Doctor before petting an animal. As hairs from Dogs and Cats can put them in unwanted complications like asthma.
  • All the pets need to be properly vaccinated and treated properly with appropriate medications in case of its health problems. Failing to do so, can put the owners of these pets under threat.
  • Pets should not be fed with uncooked meat. Living space of the pets should be spacious and maintained hygienically.