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Am I physically Fit? Here is how you can know it

There are several parameters that are taken into consideration medically to determine whether the person is healthy or not. This includes blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, pulse levels etc.. This can be known through different medical tests which can cost you a considerable amount of money.

But do you know you can check whether you are fit and healthy on the inside through some simple and practical ways without spending any or very little money? Here are some easy ways through which you can know your fitness level.

If you find yourself agile and active in your day to day life, it is a primary sign that you are healthy. When you can effortlessly perform certain physical and mental task, it confirms your healthy being.

So there is the checklist to test yourself. If your answers to these basic questions are yes, then you can be sure that you are fit.

Can you lift some heavy objects?

You do not necessarily need to lift heavy weights in a gym to test your fitness level. Can you lift objects such as laptop bags, lunch bags, your backpack effortlessly and able to make trips to your work and home? Can you able to wait for your bus at a bus stop or wait for your lift to arrive while still lifting it? Can you able to lift a baby or kid of around 8 to 10 kgs?

If the answer is yes to most or all of these questions then you are fit and healthy.

Can you able to travel on a public transport?

Traveling on a public transport during busy hours is no easy task, it is not every day you get to be seated on one. Sometimes you need to strain and squeeze yourself to get a place to stand and still you need to give way for other passengers to walk across. So can you able to travel on a public transport on a regular basis? If you can able to do it, then you are you are fit enough, as an abnormal person cannot possibly stand and strain himself for a long duration.

Can you stand for 10 minutes straight?

Standing in a queue for a movie ticket, in a bill counter at a supermarket can sometimes take a really long time till you get your turn. Can you able to stand in those long lines without having to support yourself on a wall or wanting to sit down for at least 10 minutes?

People who keep working in seated or standing position for long duration usually have problems with their bone joints. This can sometimes lead to back pain. These people won’t be able to stand erect in one place even for a short time duration. If you can stand for at least 10 minutes without needing any support, then you are having healthy bones and joints.

Can you able to move heavy objects at home?

Can you able to move little heavy objects in your home like a refrigerator, cupboard, washing machine etc… without feeling exhausted?

If yes, then it means your muscles and heart is in good healthy condition. If you have weak muscle strength and a weak heart then you will feel exhausted and your breathing rate will increase. Sometimes it can even lead to back or hip sprain.

Can you able to maintain your balance?

Can you able to stand normally in tight spaces without losing your balance? For example, walking in a crowded narrow street or lane, cooking inside a really small kitchen while your pets or kids running around you?

If yes, then all the organs in your body are working in harmony and is in perfect balance.

Can you able to climb stairs?

Can you able to climb up and get down the stairs while lifting a heavy object using both your arms?

Most people can climb up the steps while lifting heavy objects in their hands. However, stepping down the stairs while lifting the same objects will be little difficult because sometimes it will screen the visibility of the next step, which will make some people lose their balance. While this is a pretty easy task when you are young, but it is quite a hard task for people who are over 40 years of age. If you can able to do this task easily, then your body is in perfectly healthy condition.

Do you Sport?

Can you able to play with your kids in a park? Can you able to run along with them on a beach and play ball? Or can you able to play any sport and feel good about it?

If yes, then your heart is functioning really well. You don’t need any aerobics exercise to keep yourself fit.