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Organ Clock Theory in Acupuncture, Know the Timings

Just like there is a specific time to finish specific tasks at an office or at your workplace, there are specific times for your internal organs when it functions at its peak as well. You might like to get to sleep at 2 am and wake up at 10 am in the morning, but your body doesn’t like it.

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient medical science. According has a list of 12 internal organs that are very vital for our health and it has an organ clock Each of these 12 organs will function at its peak for a couple of hours in a day. When you alter your lifestyle based on this organ clock, you can be sure that you will remain healthy and disease free all your life.

Lungs Time 3 to 5 am

3 to 5 am early in the morning is when our breathing will be deep and long and our lungs will function at its peak capacity. It during this time the patients who have asthma and lung infections will undergo breathing problems. When you practice breathing exercise or pranayama during this time, our body will get its needed supply of oxygen and it will, in turn, have a detoxifying effect. When you have enough oxygen supply, it will strengthen your immunity. So when exercise during this hour, you can effectively shield yourself from most diseases.

Colon Time 5 to 7 am

It is the time when our digestive system cleanses itself. We need air to push the poop out of the colon. When functioning of the lungs is enhanced, it leads to more air intake into the body. When you finish pooping during this time and take a good bath, it will ensure you will remain fresh for rest of the day. Avoid having your breakfast immediately after a bath. Have at least 30 to 60 minutes break in-between.

Stomach time 7 to 9 am

This is the time when the stomach starts to secrete stomach acids. So make sure you finish your breakfast before 8:50 am. This will ensure you have enough energy for rest of the day. Additionally, no matter what food you intake during this time, it will get easily digested. When you fail to have your breakfast during these times, it can lead to stomach ulcers and other stomach related problems.

Spleen time 9 to 11 am

It is during this time when the food we eat get digested and our body starts to absorb the nutrients present in it. Spleen aids with this process. Spleen in your body helps to convert the food we eat into glucose, absorb nutrients present in it, makes the pancreas to secrete insulin and many other digestive processes. To complete this process successfully you should not eat anything between 9 am to 11 am. You should not even drink a glass of water during this time.

Heart time 11 am to 1 pm

Once the spleen does the job of absorbing nutrients present in the food and supplies those nutrients to the blood, our heart will function at its peak capacity to take this blood to the entire body. It is only due to the functioning of the heart does the other organs in our body function well. You should not sleep during this time. People with a healthy heart will feel more energetic during this time. On the contrary, people with a weak heart will feel weak and tired during this time. So people with heart diseases or heart problems should not indulge in tiresome tasks, works, heated debate during this time.

Small intestines time 1 to 3 pm

This is the best time for the lunch. It is our small intestines that determine what we really need. It releases things that are not acceptable by our body through vomiting and loose motion. It breaks down the food we eat into nutrients and wastes. It regulates the digestion process. You should not work hard during this time. Men can take rest by lying down on their right side and women can do the same by lying down on their left side for at least 30 minutes during this time. You should not sleep.

Urinary bladder 3 to 5 pm

The urinary bladder is very vital for make all the five senses in our body to function well. This is the time when our body takes in the water it needs. You need to remain at rest during this time. You can drink warm water or green tea during this time to ensure more toxins are released out of the body. You should never try to hold your feeling to urinate for a long duration.

Kidney time 5 to 7 pm

During this time, the kidneys will take care and refreshes itself. Our mind will seek for peace during these hours, so you can indulge in some entertainment, prayer, and meditation. People who cannot exercise early in the morning can get some physical exercise during this time. Couples who do not have kids can try to conceive during colon time and during kidney time, this will increase their chances of pregnancy.

Pericardium time 7 to 9 pm

This the time when membrane that encloses the heart (pericardium) starts to function. There is a fluid that is present in-between pericardium and the heart. This fluid will regulate the heart’s temperature. When we treat a person with a heart or mental condition during this time, it will fetch very good results. You should finish your dinner during this time. Always have light foods for dinner.

Triple warmer time 9 to 11 pm

This is a part which regulates the body temperature. This is a not a separate organ. It is a collection functioning of many organs. In particular, the digestive system will start to repair itself during this time. This will cleanse our internal organs and keeps it in good shape. When you get to sleep during this time, you will achieve very deep sleep.

Gallbladder time 11 pm to 1 am

It is the time of bile fluid secretion. The gallbladder will store this bile fluid and releases it whenever it is needed for digestion. This helps to increase the functioning of the brain. Even if you do not feel like sleeping during this time, you should try to put yourself into sleep.

Liver time 1 to 3 am

The liver is more like a chemical workshop of our body. It is more like a supervisor for the whole body. It is an organ that monitors all other organs. It will ensure proper functioning of all other organs in the body and cleanses and refreshes itself. All the organs in our body will be at rest during night times. So you should definitely put yourself to sleep at night.