Old Age Problems and Effective Solutions to Avoid Them

Old age people need proper care and attention, just like kids. It’s common, for an old person to feel weak physically, and also to have several mental depressions. They are more prone to physical injury due to their weakness. They can slip down pretty easily, and feel helpless. The guardians of these old people must give proper attention and care if they fall down frequently for no obvious reasons. Sometimes it could be an indication of bone weakness, or it could even be a serious health condition. So, they need to be taken to a Doctor and get checked for any health problems.

Two types of Weakness

Senior citizens can feel weak for two reasons. They might feel weak because of their health condition, or they might feel weak because of the environment they live in.

It’s not abnormal for an older person to have health conditions. If they can have the calcium deficiency, and due to that, they can have problems with their bones and joints. They might feel weak because of their heart condition, or because they have a bad eyesight. There could be a variety of reasons an old person can feel weak physically.

If it is due to the environment, it can be altered to make them feel more comfortable.

  • They need to be given enough space at home to move around.
  • Their rooms can be altered for better comfort.
  • Furniture in the home can be positioned in such a way, that it doesn’t hinder their movements.
  • If the floors in the home have shiny tiles, granites, and marbles, it can get slippery at times. So, making them wear slippers, that grips to the floor while moving around is a good idea.
  • Using floor mats made of fabrics should be avoided. They can be replaced with rubber mats, which grips to the floor well.
  • Old people must avoid sitting on chairs and sofas that are too low.
  • They should avoid fast movements while sitting, standing up, lying down etc.. It can make them slip down, which can lead to fracture and muscle cramps.
  • They should wear slippers with flat soles.
  • It’s good if the toilets they use do not have steps. Toilet and Bathroom have handles on the walls so that they can hold on to it. Also, making sure there are no steps in-between other rooms in the home will help them in a great way.
  • If they are very weak, someone can assist them while using the restroom and bedroom. This, in particular, is very important during night times.

How to avoid unnecessary complications

If there are accidents, even after taking all the precautions, contact a Doctor immediately and get his or her consultation. If there is a need for treatment, take them to a hospital and get them treated.

When we follow all the precautionary steps, we can effectively avoid many medical complications in old age people, and improve their quality of life. It also avoids unnecessary medical expenses.

Apart from all this, it’s a good habit for old people, to engage themselves in regular physical exercise. Lying in the bed without doing any physical activity for the whole day can nurture unwanted fears. These fears can lead to mental conditions. So its better to avoid it.