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Does Oats Really Reduce Cholesterol Levels?

It has been claimed for decades by many people around the world that oats reduce cholesterol levels in our body. This claim has made many people to after oats for their regular breakfast and dinner. But in a recent study made by Birmingham Hospital in England and Boston woman hospital reveals that oats did not reduce the cholesterol levels in our body.

Study on Oats 

This study involved 20 people below 50 years of age who are completely healthy. These people are made to eat oats along with their daily diet for 12 continuous weeks. After 12 weeks these participants were stopped giving oats and it was replaced with food items made out of whole wheat. This was continued for few weeks time. Their cholesterol levels were measured after this time period. The tests effectively concluded that both these food items were only effective in reducing the negligible amount of cholesterol. On an average, both these foods were only able to reduce the cholesterol levels by around 7.5 percent. This level of reduction in cholesterol can easily be achieved just by ignoring fatty foods for the duration the study was conducted.

Study with Fat Rich Foods

After the conclusion of this study, there was an another study conducted by Syracuse University in New York. This study involved participants who are blocked from eating fat-rich foods for the same time duration as before. They had undergone a similar reduction in cholesterol levels. Which clearly indicates Oats is not a superfood that flushes out all the fats in your body.