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Nakefit – Walk in Barefoot Anywhere You Go

We all like the feel of sand when we are at a beach, but what prevents us from going barefoot is the heated sand, infections and sharp stones that might injure us. Also not to mention about harmful infections we might catch up in the process. Same story goes with walking barefoot over the grass. But there is a new stuff in place that seemingly provides the solution to this problem. It’s called Nakefit and manufacturers of this new foot pad promise you, you can enjoy the beach sand and grass in the parks with 100% protection to your foot.

What is Nakefit?

It is a kind of foot pad which sticks to the sole part of the foot and offers protection from heat, dust, and injuries. This pad is waterproof, anti-cutting, anti-slip, and elastic in nature. So it can be practically be used anywhere you use your flip-flops and shoes.

Why use it?

Normal flip-flops can be uncomfortable and be restricting at times. There is also a threat that it might come off and break apart when we push it too far. On the other hand, nakefit just sticks to your sole so it doesn’t come off that easily, additionally, it offers protection from cuts, heat, and stones. It is waterproof, so it can be used in pools, additionally, it has an anti-slip design, so you need not have to have the fear of slipping near the pools.

Who can use it?

As it features a very simple and easy to use design, anyone can use it irrespective of their age and gender.

How to use it?

It is similar to applying a bandaid, just peel off the protective layer at its bottom to reveal the sticky part, and stick it to the sole. And its available in three different colors for now.

Can it be reused?

One of the biggest drawbacks of this product is it’s not reusable. So once the nakefit is used. It should be disposed and you have to wear a fresh pair next time. Which makes it an expensive option over traditional flip-flops. Single pack contains 10 pairs of nakefit. So it should last for say, 10 instances when you want to go barefoot.

Can it replace flip-flops?

Considering its price and purpose, I guess it doesn’t really replace it, but instead, it is something you can wear when you want to go barefoot with extra protection. So the answer is a big NO.

What is the cost?

Currently, we do not know what is its retail price, but if you back this project in Kickstarter for 30 euros you will get a pack of 10 pairs. I guess the retail price would be slightly above that price point.

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