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Why You Must Chew Your Foods Before Swallowing

No matter how many it was instructed to you to chew your food properly before swallowing it, we hardly listen to this advice. The fast-moving world makes us swallow our foods more rapidly is the undeniable fact. But, once we get to know the bad effects of not chewing our properly, we will ensure we do not commit the same mistake next time.

It is the food we eat that provides us with energy and all the nutrients we need for our good health. It is more like a fuel for your vehicle. Taste in our foods only lasts till it stays on your tongue. So what happens after that?

Most of us hardly care about it.

Once the food leaves our tongue it reaches the intestines and the digestion process starts there. All the food we eat gets mixed with digestive fluids and it reaches the intestines in semi-solid condition. But when you do not chew your food properly, our digestive fluids will have a hard time digesting it and it slows down the whole digestion process.

Additionally, there are some people who eat junk foods like filling up an empty hole with rubbish without realizing it will take a long time for our body to digest it. Similarly consuming high quantitates of spicy foods, deep fried foods, and packaged foods will affect our digestive system. But we do not mind those.

You need to chew your food for at least 30 to 32 times once you put it inside your mouth before swallowing it. This will ensure the food is broken down into small pieces. When you do this, our salivary gland secretes more saliva. When more saliva gets mixed with the food, it eases the digestion process. Ptyline present in saliva gets mixed with the carbohydrates and gets converted into sugar.

We can only control the food we eat till it stays in the mouth, once it reaches the stomach we cannot control it anymore.

So make sure you are chewing the food properly till it stays in your mouth. Doing this ensures easy digestion. Also, it makes the job easier for our body to absorb the nutrients present in the food and improves our overall health. Additionally, when we take more time to eat our food, we will begin to eat foods at the right amount and it prevents overeating.