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What is Music Therapy, its Benefits and Who need It?

Music drives the world. No one can deny it. Music crosses the boundaries of language and borders. We enjoy a song with good music, irrespective of its lyrics or the message embedded in it. Music can trigger different emotions in us. When it is used in the right way, it can bring therapeutic effects in people’s mind and body. In fact, there is a treatment method called “Music Therapy”. In this therapy, music is used as a medicine.

What is Music Therapy?

Instead of using medications, tablets, and various chemicals to treat a disease, a good music is used to treat a person with physical or mental conditions. We call this type of treatment as Music Therapy. It is used to, psychologically treat a person out of his or her condition. In-depth details of this treatment can only be explained by an expert in this field.

Who needs this Therapy?

Commonly, this type of treatment is given to patients who have psychological and physical problems.

This treatment fetches great results for patients with OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). It gives them the diversion and changes their thought pattern, which helps these patients in a great way to come out of this problem.

Additionally, this treatment is advised for pregnant ladies, children, and for kids who suffer from autism.

For autistic children, this therapy brings in considerable improvements in their brain activity.

People with insomnia, that caused due to depression, are more vulnerable to Dementia and other diseases. For these people, music therapy helps to calm their minds and induces sleep.

What are the Benefits?

It greatly helps people with psychological problems such as depression, anxiety etc. In this case, Doctor’s usually advice kinds of music that match their liking, and music that refreshes their minds.

There are people who claim they hear someone talking in their heads. These patients need a diversion from these thoughts. So they are made to listen to more pleasing music that calms their minds. Doing so will help them to get out of their problem.

Pregnant Ladies

Music therapy in pregnant ladies will help to relieve them from their fear and anxiety problems. It helps to keep their blood pressure under control. Additionally, it will induce sleep for those who have problems with sleeping at night. Melodic music is the best option for pregnant ladies.


Alzheimer patients constantly suffer from memory loss problems. Sometimes they even have difficulties with remembering their own phone numbers. They even forget their own family members. This problem occurs due to brain contraction. When these people listen to pleasant music, they have high probabilities for recalling old memories. Additionally, it helps to reduce the effects of this disease.

What kind of music

The first step in Music therapy would be to analyze the kind of solution the person seeks. For example, people with lots of diversions will be looking forward to a treatment that helps them to focus better, and improve their concentration. People with bad and unwanted thoughts will be treated with music they like the most. Some people like pop music, some like jazz, so the treatment will be altered based on the person’s music interest. Additionally, sounds of nature, like sea waves, winds, rains, thunderstorms are also used as a part of this therapy.