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Micro – Smallest Yet Most Versatile Universal Travel Adapter

One of the biggest hurdles of traveling to different countries or purchasing electronic gadgets from a different country is its plug point. We always end up looking for a universal adapter to solve the problem. But the problem is they are so big and bulky, it is not really that portable. Some universal adapters are as big as the charger itself. Honestly, there is no real solution to this bulky problem till now. So some folks at Kickstarter claim to have a solution to this and it looks promising indeed.

What is micro?

Micro is a really intelligently designed and very compact portable universal adapter. It is lightweight, it weighs just 40 grams and measures just 6 cos in length. So it is easily pocketable or fits perfectly well into your handbag with no problem. With this little guy, you never have to look for another adapter anywhere you travel. So you will have problems with charging your devices when you travel out of your country or have a second thought about buying electronic gadgets from other foreign countries.

What are the advantages of Micro

  • It is really small and portable so it is easy to fit into your pant pocket or your handbag with no hassle
  • It fits into all major plug types from over 150 countries
  • It has a fuse, so in the case of any voltage fluctuations, it will only damage the fuse and not your expensive gadgets. Just replace the damaged fuse and reuse it without any problems. In other words, it offers protection to your electronics.

What is the price?

Micro is expected to retail for $45, which seems quite expensive for the purpose it solves, but if you hate the bulky universal adapters and love its cool and intelligent design, then it is well worth it.

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