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Men are Not Safe From Breast Cancer

Cancer can happen to anyone at any stage in their life. Cancer is considered as one of the most threatening diseases in the recent times. The number of victims affected by cancer is also on the rise like never before.

A single cell divides itself into two and the newly formed cell will go through the same process in our body. This process is termed as cell division. It is a quite common phenomenon that takes place within each and every one of us. But when something goes wrong with this process, the cells start to multiply at an accelerating rate without any order. We call this unusual growth of cells as cancer. Dangerous effects of cancer vary with its location.

Breast cancer is one of the widespread cancer types among women. But you should not come to a conclusion that breast cancer will only affect women. It can affect men as well. One in two hundred thousand men is affected by breast cancer. This number is accelerating in the recent past is an undeniable fact.

Nearly 30,000 people in Europe and 2000 people in the United States of America are affected by breast cancer each year. Though the numbers are far less in India, Indians should be more careful. If a mother or sister in a family has cancer, then there are high chances that it might affect another female member of the family. It can also genetically affect women through their father. But breast cancer that affects men has no such reasons. Though genetic factor might be taken into consideration for breast cancer in men, it cannot be concluded as the sole reason. Steroids that are taken for bodybuilding, radiation exposure, smoking, alcohol intake are considered some of the main reasons for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is quite common among women who have crossed 40 years of age, similarly, it occurs mostly in men over 50 years of age. This type of cancer can easily be detected in men over women.

Signs of Breast Cancer in Men

  • Tumour in breast region
  • Swelled or enlarged breast on one side
  • A unhealed wound in the breast.
  • Flat chest
  • Swelling in nipples
  • Blisters in under arms

These are some of the symptoms of breast cancer in men.

As men usually have lesser muscles or tissue in the breast region, cancer can quickly spread to other regions in men.

The way to treat breast cancer in men is similar to the way it is treated in women. This involves Chemotherapy, Radiation, and other medications.

Men can have enlarged breast and inflammation in the breast at a younger age due to hormone imbalance as well. This should not be confused with breast cancer.

So, if you find any of the symptoms or signs mentioned above, start the treatment immediately, so that it can be easily cured.

Breast cancer can easily be detected using mammogram and CT scan. Chemotherapy may pave way for complete cure if it is detected in its initial stage. If it has started to spread to other regions, then doctors might suggest for surgery.

Radiation therapy will be usually prescribed after successful surgery. Radiation therapy would effectively help to cure the condition in this stage. As with any treatment, the patient should be mentally prepared for it.

Regular exercise, healthy body weight, quitting bad habits, a healthy lifestyle will make you heal faster out of the disease.

The success of treating breast cancer depends on how early we detect this disease and treat it. Earlier treatment paves way for faster recovery is the undeniable fact. So men with breast cancer need not have to worry about their condition. A healthy lifestyle with right treatment would easily get them out of the danger zone. Stay positive.