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Manta Sleep Mask – Simple Sleeping Mask to Hit REM Sleep

Having a good night sleep or a really refreshing power nap is what many seek in their busy lives. But as there are several distractions around us, this becomes an almost impossible goal to achieve. Some sleep for long hours but still do not feel energetic at all. This is because they wake up without reaching to REM sleep.

REM sleep is very necessary for a person to feel refreshed and energetic after sleep. It is during REM sleep the toxins in the brain is flushed out and also the connections in the brain are repaired and renewed.

Achieving this sleep has been a hard task for many, as normal sleeping masks which we usually wear and which is available everywhere leaks light, and it presses against our eyelids, which can be quite disturbing during REM sleep occurrence.

This new Manta Sleep Mask seems to provide the much-needed solution for people who want to achieve deep sleep. Its special design will not allow any light to pass through your eyes, giving you that 100% darkness and its specially designed eye contours will not press against eyelids. So the user will not feel disturbed during REM sleep when there is maximum eye movement.

Some of the other features of this promising sleep mask are

  • It’s light weight, so it doesn’t feel heavy while wearing
  • Eye contours can be adjusted to different face sizes, so it fits in perfectly for everyone.
  • Has micro velcro at the back, so it doesn’t stick to hair
  • Has elastically stretchable band at both sides so it can be adjusted for better fit
  • Has anti-slip gel, it doesn’t slip off during sleep
  • Comes with earplugs made of memory foam, so it blocks out all the external noise while sleeping
  • Has mesh designed pouch. The sleep mask can be kept inside this mask and washed in a washing machine for extended life.

If you love this mask, then back it in kickstarter and get yours when they start to ship.

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