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Major Foods Items that Reduces Cholesterol In Your Body

A major reason for most of the heart-related problem is cholesterol. This gets deposited in the arteries and blood vessels and affects the blood flow to the heart. This leads to many heart-related problems. When we have a proper understanding about cholesterol, we can prevent most problems that result.

Cholesterol or fat is very vital for our well-being. Our body needs fat for hormone secretion, cell formation, and important tasks.

At the same time, cholesterol can be quite harmful to our health as well. It brings a type of protein called lipoprotein from the body cells and gets into the bloodstream. This damages the arteries. In particular, it blocks the arteries in the heart.

There are two types of lipoprotein. LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein and HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein Protein. Increase in HDL level will increase the blood circulation and strengthens the heart. On the contrary, increase in LDL will negatively impact the heart’s health.

Our liver produces the needed the levels of cholesterol on its own, so we do not need an external source. People who consume meat increase their level of cholesterol by around 200 percent. To keep this cholesterol levels under control we need to consume certain foods regularly. There are several foods around us that naturally regulates the cholesterol levels in our body.


White Garlic

When you add garlic regularly to your daily foods, it will reduce the cholesterol levels in our body by about 1015 percent on its own. So do not ignore garlic cloves in your food.


Consuming raw or cooked onion regularly will increase the level of HDL or Good cholesterol in our body.


Apple is rich in fiber content. When you eat fruits rich in fiber content it drastically reduces level the cholesterol in our body.


Beta-carotene present in carrots helps with increasing the levels of HDL. Apart from this oats, orange, beans also increase the HDL levels.

Change your food habits and diet and use it as a means to reduce your weight. Reducing your weight will directly impact the level of Bad cholesterol or LDL.

Avoid oily, fat-rich, and deep-fried foods as much as possible. These are the direct factors that increase your LDL levels.

Last but not least, stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.