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Lekue Poached Egg Maker – Perfectly Poached Eggs Every time

Poaching eggs can be quite difficult to make without any proper skills in cooking. It can turn out to be a disaster without any prior experience. So how to go about cooking perfectly poached eggs without any prior experience?

Lekue poached egg maker could be one of the best answers. This gadget essential has two parts to it. Upper lid and a stainless steel mesh. The upper lid is made of silicone so it’s basically heat proof and food safe.

How to use it?

Just pour the egg yolk into the stainless steel mesh, wait for a little for the excess water to be filtered through it. Once the yolk gathers more stability inside the mesh. Close the upper lid and let it float in preheated water which is at a temperature of 90 to 95-degree Celsius. Cook it at the stable temperature for 3 minutes.

Hold the poacher at its tip, as it is heat proof you would not need any special gloves for the job. Open the silicone lid at the top to reveal the perfectly poached eggs in place.

Use a table spoon to scoop out the poached egg, and enjoy it with your favorite dish.

What are advantages of Lekue poached egg maker?

  • Mesh at the bottom helps to cook the eggs at the right consistency.
  • Stainless steel mesh also helps to eliminate excess egg whites.
  • Floats on water, which makes it easy to use.
  • Silicone cover or lid at the top is heat proof, so you can hold the poacher at the top with your fingers and take it away from boiling water with ease.
  • Entire egg poacher is BPA free and it is dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean and can be reused any number of times.

What is the price?

It  sells for $22 for a set of 2 and If you want to purchase a single unit it costs $12

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