Cooking corns can get little messy in the microwave. As things can splash here and there which makes it a hard task. Also handling the steamed and hot corn can be quite tricky.

Luke Microwave corn cooker overcomes all the hardships of cooking the corn and adding all the toppings of your choice. Also, it comes with special handles that can be attached to both the sides of the corn cobs so you need not have to worry about handling the hot corns.

How to use it?

Just cut off a little portion of the corn cob and attached the provided handles to them. These handles provide a little elevation when you place it inside the corn cooker. The corn cooker can cook two corns at a time. Once the corns are put in place heat them in an oven for 5 minutes at 800 watts.

You can add a little butter at the center and close the lid for 30 to 60 seconds to make it melt. Add the toppings of your choice while rotating it with the provided handles.

The handles make it pretty easy to enjoy your corns while its hot without hurting your hands.

Advantages of Corn Cooker

  • Cooks corn in less than 5 minutes time frame.
  • Clear lid enhances the visibility of the corn while it is being cooked. Additionally, it prevents splattering and other mess inside the microwave.
  • Handles and the entire design of the cooker make it easy to use.
  • All parts are made out of BPA free plastic.
  • It is dishwasher safe.

What is the price?

It sells for $20 a piece at Amazon. Which is directly sold by Lekue.

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