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Is Knuckle Cracking Bad For Your Fingers?

Some people have the habit of cracking their knuckles very often. They want to do it once in every five-minute time gap, and they cannot help it. So what really happens when you do it frequently? Will it bring any bad effects? How to come out of this habit? We will look into the answers in this article.

Cracking Knuckles

Between our finger joints exist synovial fluid. When we crack our knuckles, it moves from place to another rapidly. When this happens, a vacuum is created in the place of where we attempted to crack knuckles, nitrous oxide is formed in this region to fill that vacuum. The release of this gas is one of the main reason why we get that cracking sound in this process.

What happens when you do it?

Synovial fluid is what prevents the finger joints from scratching with one another. When we do it more frequently, this fluid gets reduced in quantity. Additionally, there are three important structures in fingers namely tendon, ligament, and capsule. When we crack knuckles more frequently these three important structures in fingers will be weakened, and this will further weaken the fingers itself.

How to Prevent?

There is no problem if you are doing it on rare occasions. But, making it a regular habit is a bad practice.

When you have the feeling that you need to do it, do stretching exercise for hands instead.

Those who work on computers and use the keyboard a lot on a daily basis, can take breaks once an hour and give some rest to the hands.

Taking in foods that strengthen our bones like milk, eggs etc.. can be of great help. Also, it will reduce tiredness even after working for long hours.