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Do You Know that Dusty Home Can Make You Fat?

Duke university has made a shocking revelation related to your weight gain in one of their recent study. They found out one of the real contributors to your weight gain could be dust. Yes, dust in your home could very well be making you fat is the fact.

They have discovered a toxic substance present in the dust that surrounds our homes. The substance is called  Endocrine Disturbing Chemicals (EDC). This substance will affect many of your glands and hormones directly. This triggers a variety of problems such as low immunity, infertility, neurological disorders and many other disorders in our body. The study also reveals, when EDC enters our body at a very young age, it will gradually make us put more weight.

The study was conducted in North Carolina at nearly 11 dusty homes. In this study, 7 samples of fat cells were exposed to the dust and it is found to multiply at a stunning rate. Dust is found to increase the levels of fatty acids such as triglycerides.

One of the most shocking and confirmed revelations of this study is that Endocrine Disturbing Chemicals may stay mute for some time and start to pave way for more fat deposits in our body in future. Additionally, they claim that dust in our homes might constitute for 44 different varieties of chemicals. American Environmental Protection Agency claims that children consume around 50mg of dust per day. But this study reveals just 3mg of dust is enough to do more damage in kids. This revelation makes this study more disturbing indeed.

So how to protect yourself from this dangers?

Best way to deal with it would be by keeping your home clean from dust on a regular basis. Also, when you keep your hands clean, you can effectively prevent these dust from entering into your system.