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Is It Really Safe to Surgically Remove an Organ From Our Body?

Is it not possible to just remove the stones? Why is it necessary to remove the whole gallbladder? People with gallbladder stones have these questions in common. The answer is gallbladder is a very delicate organ to deal with, it is just not practical and possible to just remove its stones and stitch it together again in place. Whether we accept it or not, its how it is, stones in gall bladder means removal of the gallbladder is the only available solution.

We can lead Healthy Life in Absence of Certain Organs 

The human body is a complex mechanism. Heart, lungs, liver, kidney and many other organs need to function in a particular way to help us lead a healthy life. We need organs like heart and lungs to stay alive. But there is a good news. We can lead a good healthy life in the absence of certain internal organs and our body is capable of adapting to it.

You can remove human parts like eyes or legs from a person will not threaten his life. In a similar way, we can remove appendix, gallbladder, and tonsils from a person without having to worry about his survival.

We can continue to live if one of our kidneys or lungs is removed. As the chances for infection is high in this case, it is important to remain alerted and cautious.

Removing a Part of an Organ

Removing some parts of stomach, small and large intestine, meaning shortening the length of the intestines one can still continue to live. This might lead to reduced absorption of nutrients to the body. So taking in necessary pills to treat this imbalance as per Doctor’s direction.

During cancer in places like small and large intestines, it is a common practice to remove a part of it and stitch it back together. As these intestines are pretty large, removing a small portion of it will not be a problem.

Gall Bladder Stones

As gallbladder is a very delicate organ you cannot surgically remove the gallbladder stones and stitch it back. So it will be removed completely if required. Not everyone with gallbladder stones is advised to go for a surgery. It is only suggested for patients with stomach pains. Because pain arises only when gallbladder functions starts to diminish or diminished completely. Removing gallbladder will not affect the functions of other organs. In case if there is a tumor in gallbladder it might be necessary to remove some parts of liver tissue that present in its proximity along with the tumor.

Surgery on Stomach

For people who are extremely obese, there was a special surgery in the past that lets the food they eat to directly reach to small intestines instead the of stomach. At present they perform the surgery directly the on stomach to reduce its capacity. We can even survive without a stomach.


Appendix is a small tail like projection at the end the of colon, purpose of this projection is up for debate, but for some this organ is a place of infection, we call it appendicitis. It can lead to unbearable pain at lower part the of stomach. Removing this organ is totally harmless.

Ovaries and Uterus

Woman can lead a healthy lifestyle even after removing ovaries and uterus. We have two kidneys in our body, if one of it fails to function properly the other does the extra work, just in case if both the kidneys fail to function, we can transplant a working kidney, provided if there is an eligible donor.

If there is a problem or incurable infections on urinary bladder, we can remove it completely and replace it with an artificial one and the person can lead a normal healthy life without any problems with it.