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Why its Important to Let the Babies Crawl

When Mom and Dad are busy with getting ready for their work, the innocent baby crawls towards its mother and holds her legs, Mom immediately puts it in a walker and continues with what she was doing. This is a usual sight in many homes. While parents do not want anything to come in-between their works and daily routine, they block one of the most important part of a child’s growth. Which is crawling.

At the same time, many parents take pride in letting the world know that their baby started to walk without crawling. But this is not a matter of pride, but it’s a matter of concern. Crawling is one of the most important aspects of baby’s growth. It’s not a good sign when you notice your baby ignores crawling and goes ahead with walking. If we block a child from crawling, it will greatly impact their thinking and learning capacity.

Crawling is a sign that both right and left sides of a baby’s brain have started to work in unison. In this stage, a baby will learn to walk and starts to be quite active, like roaming and running all over the house.

Unison of left and right side brain is very vital for baby’s future. Only then a baby can do and accomplish any task. Learning is the work of the left side brain. Creativity is the work of the right side brain. So a child’s brain development will be based on how well both these sides of the brain work together.

Lack of better focus on studies in kids could be because they ignored to crawl in their early days. So parents should keep this in mind.

Clumsy Child

Baby’s who fail to crawl has a high probability of turning into a clumsy child in future. These kids will have bad memory retaining capacity. They do not know how to organize their things. They will forget to take pen, pencil, lunch box and many other essential things they use on a daily basis. Parents need to keep them reminded. They do not feel tensed or anxious about anything.

Kid’s who express these symptoms can undergo a special teaching program called “Remedial teaching”. This could help them to develop their brain’s activity.

Milestones in Baby’s Growth

During baby’s delivery, it is important to make a note whether the delivery is a normal one, or whether it took a lot of time to deliver the baby.

Also, it’s quite important for a baby to cry right after its birth. If there is a delay in crying, do make a note on how long it took for the baby to cry. Then, do notice if the baby’s growth is normal or if it has any problem with bodily functions. Some babies can have severe fever and epilepsy. It’s necessary to keep a watchful eye on these symptoms.

Baby’s growth stages start after this. Internal organs usually attain their complete development process right inside a mother’s womb. After the baby’s birth, body parts like legs, hands, and other parts starts to grow just like in adults.

The baby’s head starts to gather stability in the first three months, it topples down within 5 months, then it starts to sit, then starts to crawl, then it stands up, walks and learns to run. This is the growth pattern for a normal and healthy baby.

It’s really vital for the child to be really playful and active.