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Ideas on What to Buy When Visiting Patients?

Almost all of us purchase energy drinks and fruits for patients who are admitted to a hospital. These items will start to flood their table in no time. Truth is most of us have no idea what to buy for patients while visiting them. So this guide will be of great help to those who are just wondering what to do in these times.

While Visiting a Just Born Baby

If you are visiting a just born baby buy some wipes, soft tissues, toys that are not made out of plastic and fur. Pillows for babies, some cotton cloths, baby bottle brush to clean the bottle, thermometer, and books on taking care of babies are some good ones.

While visiting Old People

Walking stick, magnifying glass, muffler, socks, sweater, pain killing lotions would be of great help to old age people.

While Visiting a Fever Patient

Protein-rich foods like nuts, citrus fruits like sweet lime, orange, and any easily digestible foods are good for a person who is suffering from severe fever.

While Visiting a Jaundice Patient

If it is a jaundice patient whom you are visiting, then tender coconut, buttermilk, sugarcane juice, fruits, fresh fruit juices are good for their health.

While Visiting High Blood Pressure Patient

Potassium-rich foods like banana, apple, dates, avocado, lemon, pineapple, orange, yogurt are good for high blood pressure patients. Blood pressure checking device, comedy movies, comedy novels, and books can go a long way to regulate their high blood pressure.

While Visiting Heart Patients

Heart patients would need potassium-rich foods like banana, mango, dry fruits, orange, and pulses. You can also buy them balloons that are used to exercise their breathing with Doctor’s advice.

While Visiting a Pregnant Woman

While visiting a pregnant lady, you can purchase foods that induce high milk secretion like almond, walnut, dry fruits, whole grains, and fresh fruits. You can also prepare foods that contain apple, almond, garlic, egg, milk as its main ingredients and give it to them. These foods are both good for the expecting mother and the baby.

While Visiting a Cancer Patient

You can buy buttermilk, sugarcane juice, tender coconut, curd, candy made out of ginger for cancer patients. This will reduce the impact of their cancer treatment. Providing them with vegetable and fruits rich in water content will enhance their health.

While Visiting Children

Buy nuts, almonds, flax seeds, walnuts while visiting children. These items will be a healthy snack option for them. You can also purchase sweets made out of carrots, beetroots etc. Fruits like pomegranate, papaya, grapes are mostly loved by kids. Additionally, you can also purchase items like skipping ropes, basketball, football, and other sports items that encourage physical activity. It is not necessary that you need to purchase these while visiting them in a Hospital, you can also purchase these items while visiting them at their home.

While Visiting Diabetes Patients

If it is a Diabetes patient that you are visiting, then you can purchase diabetes test strip, walking shoes, acupressure slippers, loose clothes that can be worn while going for walking exercise. Fruits like guava, orange, sweet lime, fig, apple, papaya are good options as well.

What You Should Not Feed for Patients

Do purchase any energy drinks sold at shops. They usually contain high levels of trans fat, fat, and sugar. Fruits are generally a good option. If the patient cannot chew and swallow fruits, they can be fed with fresh juices without any added sugar. Deep fried foods, packaged foods, sugar-rich foods, readymade fruit juices and drinks, biscuit, chocolate, burger, pizzas should not be fed to a patient. Additionally, never threaten a patient in the hospital with medical facts of their condition.