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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Menopause, How it is Done?

During menopause, most women do undergo some confusing bodily changes. One of the major contributing factors for this confusion is hormone imbalance. Hormone replacement therapy comes to the rescue to put an end to these confusions and have a peaceful transition during this period.

So what is this hormone replacement therapy and who can take this?

Even professional Doctors who are women have difficulties while going through menopause, both physically and mentally.

Every woman must undergo this transition period in their lives. One of the most helpful solutions to this natural transition period is “Hormone Replacement Therapy”

When a woman reaches her menopause, she undergoes changes like mental imbalance, excessive anger, irritation, palpitation, dryness in reproductive organ, back pain, joint pains. Many women feel as if some external power has engulfed them during these times. This causes a lot of confusion. One the main reason for this is hormone imbalance. women may undergo much more mental and physical challenges if they lack family support during this period.

Treatments that needs to be taken during menopause

There are tablets, creams and gels that can be used by women are going through or about to go through menopause. These medicines can be used as per doctor’s advice.

Some women experience dryness in their reproductive organ during these times. It can get quite itchy. For this Doctor’s might prescribe “Vaginal estrogen” either in tablet or in cream form to overcome this problem.

Doctor’s could prescribe antidepressants for problems like excessive anger, palpitation, irritation and excess sweating.

During menopause women would need to consume foods rich in estrogen. This includes foods like soya beans, whole grains, green vegetables, and fruits.

hormone replacement therapy will strengthen bones in women, thereby prevents problems like knee and joint pains. It also controls weight gain. This therapy can stretch for 2 to 3 weeks time duration for some. Duration of the therapy varies from person to person. For women who go through the less emotional stress and physical challenges during menopause may not need this therapy at all. Provided if there is right family support, most women will not have any problems during menopause.