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Hirsutism – Unusual Hair growth In Women

Some women develop excessive hair growth in places like lower abdomen, cheeks, hands, and legs, above lips etc. Most women feel embossed about this unusual hair growth. They do not know the exact reason for this problem. In some women, this can even lead to anxiety and depression. In this article, we will look into this problem in detail and also we will look into how to deal with it.

Naturally, hairs present in women are softer and darker over men. But women with Hirsutism will have denser, rough, and darker hair growth. Hair growth will be seen in places like breast and back.

So how many women really have this problem?

One in five women has this problem across the world. It can take place to any women from the time of puberty to up to an age of 45.

What are the reasons for this problem?

  • Around 90 to 95 percent women in the world have polycystic ovaries problem, it is one of the main reason for Hirsutism.
  • Women with excessive body weight, lack of healthy diet, lack of proper exercise, irregular periods have high chances for this problem.
  • Excessive secretion of testosterone hormone can also lead to this problem.
  • Apart from this, hair fall, excessive pimples, manly voice, are other problems that could be triggered due to this hormone imbalance.

What are the lifestyle changes advised for women suffering from this problem?

Due to modern lifestyle, women of the present generation lack proper exercise and healthier diet. This leads to polycystic ovaries problem at a very young age. So the first step would be to have a proper exercise combined with healthy diet. Doing this, they can try to reduce their weight. Consuming junk foods could be prevented.

Deep fried non-veg foods, high-fat foods, foods rich in carbohydrates should be avoided.

Maintaining right body weight based on BMI is quite essential.

Doing these we can prevent polycystic ovaries problem, thereby effectively prevent hirsutism.

What are the treatments?

The first step would be identifying the real cause of the problem, this can be done by consulting hormone and skin specialists. Treatment should only be based on the real reason for the excessive hair growth. Treatment would involve applying appropriate creams and consuming tablets. Women with very excessive hair growth can use threading method to remove it. But this needs to be done on a regular basis. Laser treatments would destroy the hair roots so it will prevent the future hair growth. Cream, medications, laser or whatever treatment you undergo to solve the problem, these treatments must be regularly practiced at the minimum of four months to fetch any substantial results. So be sincere and be regular with the treatment you follow.

What are the consequences of not adopting any treatment method?

Home making women in the past had all the needed exercises. They had healthier foods. This provided them with needed immunity from most problems. But many present day women suffer from over weight and struggle to keep it under control. Additionally, they are exposed to bad foods on a daily basis.

In this situation when we do not give proper attention to problems like hirsutism, its effects can start to multiply. Additionally, it would directly influence the mental health of women. So, the best way to deal with this problem is to consult a Doctor as soon as possible and start treating the condition.

Who can undergo laser treatment?

Anyone who has crossed the age of 16 can undergo this treatment. The treatment duration will be based on the density and thickness of hair growth.