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Health Benefits and Home Remedies Using Spine Gourd

Mother nature has provided us with numerous, plants, vegetables, and fruits to protect ourselves from various ailments and diseases. Spine gourd is one among those vegetables that provide us with numerous health benefits. It plays a major role in many medicines prepared in Ayurveda and Siddha due to its unique properties that cure many diseases.

Spine gourd is natively found in South Asian countries.

Most of us are aware of bitter gourd, it is one of the commonly used vegetables in our regular recipes. We use bitter gourd for many of its medicinal properties though it tastes bitter and not liked by many kids. Spine gourd belongs to same plant family as bitter gourd. But unlike bitter gourd, spine gourd is only cultivated in certain parts of Indian Sub-continent. It naturally grows in hilly areas in Southern India. Though it is not as popular as the Bitter gourd, it is relatively richer in nutrients and medicinal properties. But it is not as bitter in taste as a bitter gourd.

Spine gourd is a medicinal vegetable. Almost everything related to it is rich in medicinal properties. Its roots, flowers, leaves, flesh, and seeds are used as medicines. Tender spine gourd is used for cooking.

Karnataka and West Bengal states in India cultivate this vegetable in huge numbers.

It is used in the production of many homeopathy medicines. It strengthens our body by strengthening our immunity and nervous system.

Medicinal Properties

  • Roots of spine gourd are used as a medicine for piles and kidney problems. It cures severe fever. Additionally, it is also used as an anti-venom for many insect and snake bites. Its root extracts are used to kill disease-causing germs.
  • Take 50 ml of juice extract out of spine gourd roots. Drink this in the empty stomach once a day in the morning for two days. This will effectively reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Spine gourd is usually used for cooking many recipes. Consuming this vegetable on a regular basis helps to cure many health problems which include.
  • Regulates urination
  • Cures stomach pain
  • Increases bulk in poop thereby cures constipation
  • Removes toxins in our body
  • Cures Asthma, intestine problems, severe fever, depression, stress, digestive disorders, heart diseases, and strengthens muscles.
  • Juice extracted from spine gourd is used as a medicine for the above-mentioned problems. Additionally, chopping it into small pieces and cooking it in a little oil and consuming it will cure peptic ulcer and diabetes on the long run. Extracts from tender spine gourd can be applied over pimples to cure it.

Medicinal properties of Leaves

Juice extracted from spine gourd leaves is used as a medicine for jaundice, asthma, piles, depression, digestive disorders, breathing difficulties, and kidney problems.

Additionally, its leaves extract juice is used as medicine for a headache, and head related problems. To prepare this medicine, take a little quantity of this juice extract, add 1 tsp of scrapped coconut, black pepper powder, and red sandal powder and mix it well. Apply this oil on the forehead before going to sleep.

Make a paste out of this spine gourd leaves and apply it over the face as a pack and lead it for 15 minutes and wash it off once or twice a week to make the skin glow and cure of any skin infections.

Medicinal property of Seeds

One of the most common and more life-threatening disease in the world today is Diabetes. One of the main ingredients present in spine gourd seed extract can be used to cure and prevent diabetes.

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