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Garlic Zoom – Change the Way You Mince Garlic

Garlic is one of the most sort out ingredient in many common and popular recipes. But there are many people out there who are not professionals, and who do not like the smell it leaves in the hands while handling it.

Unless you are a professional cook, you would have a hard time mincing and cutting it.

So if you are a regular cook, then you would need garlic zoom. It is a little fun to use garlic gadget that makes the whole garlic mincing process mess free.

Just load up the garlic zoom with peeled off garlic cloves, close the lid in place and start rocking it back and forth on a leveled surface or on your hands.

Blades inside the garlic zoom will rotate in place at the same time cutting the garlic into small pieces.

Once done, just open the lid to release the minced garlic. You can also detach the blades and clean it over running water.

It is easy to clean and its compact enough to store it anywhere in your kitchen.

So next time you want to mince your garlic with less mess you know where to look at.

What is the price?

Garlic zoom sells for around $12.00 with free shipping.

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