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How to Follow General Motors Diet Plan

The General Motors diet is a diet developed by the company of the same name to keep their employees in top shape! This diet comprises of daily schedules of food consumption, unlike the weekly scheduled Atkins diet. The GM diet started as an in-house program for GM staff, but its popularity has grown worldwide now. The GM diet promises to reduce 10 – 17 pounds in a week if properly followed.

  • A typical GM diet schedule for the seven days of a week is given below. On each of these days drink at least 10 glasses of water.
  • Eat fruits the first day. Avoid bananas
  • Eat vegetables on the second day. Quantity doesn’t matter.
  • Eat any mixture of fruits and vegetables on the third day.
  • Eat only bananas and milk on the fourth day.
  • Feast on the fifth day with a cup of rice, six tomatoes and at least 12 glasses of water.
  • Eat all vegetables on the sixth day with one cup of rice.
  • Eat more vegetables on the seventh day with fruit juice and a cup of rice.

Avoid the following like plague during the 7 days of the GM diet

  • Alcohol, Smoking
  • Processed food
  • Junk food
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Desserts

The GM diet works well for most people, but there are some side effects as noted below.

Muscle weakness: During the first few days of the diet, the protein intake is restricted and this leads to weak muscles. the body gets adjusted after a couple of days usually.

Incessant Thirst: This is felt by several participants as their fluids are used to foster the metabolic processes. So, GM diet folks should consume more water to feel fresh through the day.

Headaches: People who are so used to their usual coffee, tea in the morning are likely to have headaches for the first few days at least! These tend to be psychosomatic usually.

Binging after the diet: Some participants feel deprived on following this diet and tend to binge on food and drinks immediately after seven days effectively nullifying all the beneficial impacts of the GM diet.

Productivity: The diet is for only 7 days and usually the human body and mind needs more time to adjust to the changes in diet. In the initial day at least, there is a sudden drop in energy levels. so, the person following this diet is not working at their usual levels of productivity during the first half of the diet at least and this can adversely impact careers and lives.

Finally, the GM diet is meant to kick start the weight loss program. It is not a lifestyle choice. So, please do not make the mistake of going on an indefinite GM diet. At the same time, do not return to your normal unhealthy food consumption practice. Practice eating 3 average meals or 5 small meals through the day with the emphasis on natural food and minimally processed food. Also, do consult a doctor before going on a diet.