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How to Figure out your Skin Type?

The basic and primary step in designing your own skincare regime starts with identifying your skin type. There is no point in using a skin product or spending your hard earned money on one that is not formulated for your skin type. If you are not sure about your skin type, here is a simple guide to help you determine the same.

Skincare Quiz

To figure out your skin type, start by answering the questions below. Then add up your score and check the list at the end to find out the skin type you most likely have.

1 How does your skin feel after a facial wash using a face wash and water?

A. Tight

B. Smooth and comfortable

C. Dry and itchy in some places

D. Very comfortable

E. Some areas feel dry, while other areas feel smooth

2 How does your skin feel after cleansing it with a cream cleanser?

A. Relatively comfortable

B. Smooth and comfortable

C. Sometimes comfortable and sometimes itchy

D. Quite oily

E. Oily in some areas and smooth in others

3 How does your skin usually look by midday?


A. Flaky patches appearing

B. Fresh and Clean

C. Flaky patches and some redness

D. Shiny

E. Shiny in the T-zone

4 How often do you break out in spots?


A. Hardly ever

B. Occasionally, perhaps before or during your period

C. Occasionally

D. Often

E. Often – in the T-zone

5 How does your skin react when you use a facial toner?


A. It stings

B. No problems

C. Stings and itches

D. Feel fresher

E. Feels fresher in some areas but stings in others

6 How does your skin react when you have applied a rich night cream?

A. It feels very comfortable

B. Comfortable

C. Sometimes feels comfortable, other times feels irritated

D. Makes your skin feel very oily

E. Oily in the T-zone, comfortable on the cheeks


Now you have answered all the questions, its time to add up the A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s. and E’s. After you are done, check the result chart below.

Mostly A’s: Your skin is Dry

Mostly B’s: Your skin is Normal

Mostly C’s: Your skin is sensitive

Mostly D’s: Your skin is oily

Mostly E’s: Your skin is combination

Note: Know that your skin type can change over time as you age. Even if you have a solid idea of your skin type, it is still advised to run through the quiz to determine your present skin type.