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Essential Health Benefits of Sprouts and How to Eat it

Sprouts are germinating seeds with a little water. This germinating process will increase the acidity of seeds, and also increase the levels of Vitamin-C. We have more acid secretion in your stomach in the morning hours. When we consume sprouts in empty stomach for breakfast it can lead to acidity, acid reflux, and ulcer problems. So it should be included along with other foods. If you have the practice of eating just sprouts for breakfast, then it should be cooked before consumption.

Sprouts should not be considered as a complete food. Because, though sprouts are rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals, it is not present in the sufficient quantity. We need more levels of these nutrients than what we get through sprouts. Additionally, eating just sprouts can lead to digestion problems. So it should not be fed to kids younger than 5 years old. Adults can have sprouts of all varieties and types.

You should not consume the same type of sprout every day. Do not consume the same type of sprout you had the previous day. Miix it up and consume different varieties of sprouts randomly. Additionally, you can also germinate 3 to 5 seeds together and consume its sprouts. You can mix these sprouts along with the batter you use for pancakes, it tastes great and ensures your pancakes are rich in nutrients.

People suffering from acidity, acid reflux, ulcer, pregnant women, old age people must cook the sprouts before consuming it.

Consuming sprouts rich in Vitamin-C and Vitamin-D will strengthen the immune system. It will also supply us with iron, calcium, fiber, and many other nutrients.

How to Eat Sprouts

We can consume sprouts during any part of the day. It can be had for breakfast, lunch, as an evening snack, and dinner. But you should consume it only once a day.

Right level of consumption

  • 50 – 65 grams for breakfast
  • 70 – 80 grams for lunch
  • 70 – 75 grams for dinner

You can have sprouts along with your regular meals in 50:50 ratio. But the level of sprouts should not go beyond 50 percent. If needed you can reduce its quantity.

Uncooked sprouts can be had for lunch and dinner. Alternatively, you can have 50 percent cooked sprouts and 50 percent uncooked sprouts.

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