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Are Protien Bars and Energy Bars Good For You?

Just the name “Energy Bar” Gives us the energy is it not?. Energy bars were once solely used by those who go to gyms and sports professionals. But due to its wide availability in recent times, many of us take it as a snack. We are under a wrong impression that energy bars are much better than chocolates and buy it to our kids. In fact, cashews and dry fruits in energy bars are good for your health. But we lack proper awareness on whether these foods can be consumed in bar form. In this article, we will look into who can eat energy bars, whether is it safe to take it as a snack and who needs to avoid it.

What is energy bar?

Energy bar can also be called as supplement bar. It is a mixture of nuts, dried fruits, cereals, and pulses. It is consumed by those who are deprived of timely foods, and those who need instant energy.

Carbohydrate in this bar is converted into calories and its converted into energy needed for the body. So it is invented to provide extra energy needed for those who work hard.

What are the usual contents in an energy bar?

Fat – Chocolate, cocoa, butter, nuts

Protein – whey protein, pulses

Carbohydrates – Oats, barley

Who needs Energy bars?

An energy bar packs around 100 to 200 calories. To gather this much level of calorie, one needs to consume 2 to 3 cups of nutritious rich food.

Who can have energy bar?

Sports persons, those who do intense workouts at the gym, those who work hard physically and body builders can consume it.

Sports people sweat a lot while playing on the field. This leads to loss of sodium in their body. So these people can consume sodium rich energy bars.

Who needs to avoid energy bar?

When a person who does a lot of physical work consumes energy bar, calories in it are burned off quite easily. So they do not have any negative effects due to it. But it’s totally unnecessary for people who do not do much physical work.

Diabetes patients, old age people, people with digestion problems, people who are obese needs to avoid energy bars.

People with high blood pressure should not consume sodium rich energy bar. Consuming it will increase their blood pressure and can lead to unnecessary problems.

So people who do not do much physical work must avoid consuming energy bar completely?

While going on a long journey, being in an environment where access to healthy and hygienic food is hard to come, when there is a doubt that outside food may not be healthy, people in these situations can consume it.

Check out the contents and ingredients in energy bar and make sure they are acceptable to your body before buying it.

What can be a good alternative for an energy bar?

Eating nuts, dry fruits, seeds, fresh juices, fruits, dark chocolates, peanut bars, sesame seed bars are some of the good alternatives to energy bars.