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Easy Ways on How to Protect Yourself From Summer Heat

Extreme heat during summer seasons can be quite harmful to our health. When you expose yourself to sunlight for a longer time duration during summer, it can lead to dizziness, fainting, vomiting, stomach pain, and sunstroke. Summer can really come hard for old age people.

When your body is deprived of water content it can lead to tiredness, headache, body pain, and fever. Summer also brings in viral diseases like chicken pox, smallpox, throat infection, cold, cough, wheezing etc. Additionally, it can also lead to typhoid and jaundice as well. So let us look into some simple ways to protect yourself from the summer heat.

Do not enter into direct sunlight immediately after exiting an Air-Conditioned space. Rest in a little shady place for some time and get into direct sunlight.

As summer season increases the risk of water-borne diseases, reduce the water intake from strange and unknown places. Carry your own water bottle wherever you go if possible. Otherwise, it can lead to stomach problems.

Avoid drinking sugarcane juices from roadside juice shops. Many juice vendors fail to remove its outer skin while juicing sugarcane. The outer skin of sugarcane stumps are breeding grounds for many harmful microbes, so there is a danger these microbes will enter the juice. Drinking these juices can lead to stomach disorders, and jaundice. Also, avoid cut consuming sliced fruits from roadside shops. Drink only warm boiled water during summer.

Drink a lot of water and consume semi-solid and liquid foods. Include fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, mango, and banana regularly. Though mangoes are good for you during summer, you should not overeat it. Sweating can release essential minerals out of your body, so drink lemon juice once or twice a day.

Do not use ice cubes that are sold separately in shops. Using them can lead to cholera, jaundice, and other diseases. Home cooked foods can easily get spoiled in less time during summer, so consume it immediately. When you refrigerate the foods after a delayed time period, it can lead to increased toxic levels in the foods.

Constipation can occur more frequently during summer, so always consume foods rich in fiber content. Pay more attention to what you wear. Cotton clothes are the best option. Take bath at least two times a day.

Avoid foam beds, and sleep on the floor with spread bed sheets. Summer increases the chances for diseases that spread through mosquitoes such as malaria, dengue, black fever etc. If you are using an Air cooler, do change the water used in it every single day. Otherwise, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

You do not feel much hunger during hot sunny days. But that doesn’t mean you should skip your regular meals. Doing it will make you weaker. So consume foods that are beneficial for your health over foods you love to eat.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only good for your health, they also help to eliminate health hazards that can take place during that particular season. So consume seasonal foods of summer like watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber etc.

Watermelon has around 80% water content in it. It helps to regulate the water levels in our body and keeps us fresh. Similarly, muskmelons are also very good for your health during summer.

Eating raw vegetables in salad form will improve your overall health. Nutrients present in them will help protect your skin from damage when you are exposed to sunlight. Additionally, it also makes you feel less hungry.

Garlic is an irreplaceable ingredient in your foods during the summer season. Antioxidants present in garlic will purify your blood and strengthen your digestive system. It also cures stomach disorders and constipation.

Foods like cucumber, tender coconut, buttermilk will reduce your body temperature and makes you feel refreshed.

If you have no option but to go out in the sun due to your works, get out of your home little early in the morning and finish of the works before 11 am. Then again you can get out of the home after 4 pm. Always carry an umbrella with you all the time.

To Cure Urinary Infections

It is not uncommon to find yourself struggling with a urinary infection during summer. So here are some simple home remedies that will help you to come out of it.

Add some chopped onions to a glass of water. Boil the water well for 2 to 3 minutes, filter out the onion pieces and drink this water while its warm.  Do this two to three times a day to cure the problem. If there is severe pain, you can chew on to few onion pieces.

For Diarrhoea

For diarrhea problems that occur during summer, roast a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, add little fennel seeds to it and make it into a powder. Add a teaspoon of this powder to buttermilk, add some salt and drink it.