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Why Doctors Take Canker Sores Very Seriously

Many of us do not take canker sores seriously. We believe it will heal itself in three to four days time frame. Though this kind of belief is true to some extent, the frequent occurrence of canker sores and canker sores that don’t heal easily for longer time duration could be warning signs of something more serious. In this article, we will look into treatments and most possible reasons for this problem.

What are the reasons?

Though there are many reasons that cause canker sores, one of the most prominent reason for it is nutrition deficiency. Additionally, people who have teeth problems, frequent drinking and smoking habits, and people with germ infections can have it. Apart from these reasons, people with excessive depression and stress can have it as well.

Other Reasons

  • Some people might have sharp teeth, this can potentially damage the inner mouth tissues.
  • Accidental bites while eating foods.
  • When artificial teeth sets do not fit in correctly.
  • People with the habit of chewing their foods on one side of the mouth. This habit can also lead to canker sores.

What are the results of this problem? and Who is more vulnerable?

canker sores would initially form as blisters in lips, the inner side of the mouth, tongue, and cheeks. This can progress into a bigger wound and starts to cause pain and irritation. This problem can happen to anyone irrespective of their age and gender. But this problem can easily be cured with right medication and lifestyle changes, so there is no need to feel fearful. But the prolonged existence of canker sores can potentially turn into cancer. So it is always better to treat it in its initial stage by bringing it to the Doctor’s attention.

Does wounds and problems in stomach region manifest into canker sores?

Canker sores can appear in people who have problems with colon and intestines, such as diarrhea, bleeding while pooping, unbearable stomach pain and many other stomach related problems. So, whenever canker sores appear on a frequent basis, it is better to consult a doctor and take some precautionary treatments.

There is a valve that connects stomach with intestines, it is through this valve the food we eat enters the intestines. In some people, the functioning of this valve might get affected due to various reasons. When this happens the stomach region becomes weak and it cannot stand the severity of stomach acids that are secreted by it. This acid will become a reason for wounds and ulcers that appear in throat and mouth region.

Are there any treatments to cure canker sores?

With right lifestyle and right food habits, this problem can be treated and cured with in a week’s time. If it is an ordinary canker sore, it can be treated by gargling Doctor prescribed antiseptic liquid. Along with this, we can use healing gel. This gel will make the wound to feel numb and relieve us from painful feeling. Doctor prescribed painkillers and vitamin tablets will make the canker sores to heal faster.

Are there ways to prevent it?

Keeping your mouth clean would be the basic foundation to prevent canker sores. Additionally, canker sore inducing habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming pan masala must be avoided at all costs. Another major reason for canker sores is depression and stress, so it is better to prevent it. Maintaining good dental health, correcting the sharp teeth, and wearing right artificial teeth sets are essential as well.

What type of food is are the best?

Eating spicy foods while affected by canker sores would only complicate the problem even more. Cooling foods or foods that reduce our body temperature such as milk, curd, butter milk, tender coconut, cucumber, watermelon can be consumed in large quantities. Greens and healthy vegetables should be a part of everyday diet. Nutrition rich foods will make canker sores to heal faster. It is better to avoid masala, tamarind, salty, oily, and deep fried foods while having this problem.