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Dish Cleaning Sponges Can Lead to Bacterial Infection

Regular studies and researchers enhance our lives in many ways. But, results of certain research can be quite shocking initially. A recent research has given us one such shocking conclusion. Do you know which object in our home that carries the maximum level of harmful microbes? It is the dish cleaning sponge that we use on a daily basis reveals a research.

This research was conducted by a German-based journal called “Scientific Reports”. The results of the results point out to dish cleaning sponges to be the heaven for the maximum amount of bacterias. The study was based on 14 different sponges. When these sponges are viewed through a microscope, each of these sponges had over 360 different varieties of bacteria.

You might think it is normal to find bacterias in an object that is wet most of the time is it not? So what is all the fuss about? The reason is out of these 360 bacterias, 50 percent of them are found to belong to group 2 type bacteria which are attached to high health risk. So regular use of these sponges can potentially put you at risk of various diseases and infections.

Some people warm up the sponge and use the oven to sterilize it. But the hard fact is, it only makes things much worse. These measures only found to increase the number of bacterias rather than decreasing it. With a large surface area, the right level of moisture, and food wastes provides the bacteria with the right environment to thrive happily. So what is the solution to this problem? The only possible solution is changing your dish cleaning sponges once a week. I guess we can do that right?

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