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Difference Between Real hunger and Craving for Tasty Foods

We have to accept the fact that most of us are addicted to our tongues. Most of us eat foods for its taste over its health benefits. We strive for tasty foods over healthy ones, knowing very well it will be harmful to your health.

There is nothing wrong in seeking delicious food when we are hungry. But you should not seek food just for its taste. Most of the world’s population today cannot distinguish the difference between hunger and craving for taste. Reason being, we eat foods not when we feel hungry, instead, we feed on to foods regularly on a fixed time every single day. We have a planned time schedule when we should eat. Our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to eat food when we feel hungry. Reason being our work demands we finish specific tasks at specific times in a day. We are only allowed to eat foods only during the lunch break, or during snack breaks. This has become an unbreakable law in our daily life. So whether we feel hungry or not, we just eat when it is time to eat.

So we hardly we any hunger during our meal sessions. This makes us incapable of enjoying the taste of ordinary and healthy foods. So we crave more for tasty foods instead. Before we get the craving or need for real food, we get the craving for tasty foods every day is the undeniable fact. We consume foods based on the craving for tasty foods instead of real hunger. Every single day, craving for tasty foods overtakes the craving for real food, so we think this craving to be real hunger and start chasing out tasty foods.

We usually get the feeling of hunger, when our body feels that there is a lack of energy and deficiency of certain nutrients needed by it. But the craving for tasty foods takes over you whenever you think about it. It is the reason why you feel like you are hungry while watching a video commercial of a Pizza or a juicy chicken burger. It is also the reason why we keep munching on snacks all day long. When we eat foods this way, it leads to many ill effects to our health.

When you needlessly consume more food, your body takes the extra burden of digesting it and storing excess nutrients present in it. This leads to weight gain and obesity. Weight gain and obesity will, in turn, lead to other diseases.

Foods that we consume based on the craving for its taste are usually not that ones that are good for your health or cooked with health in mind. These foods mainly involve deep fried, fat-rich, and oily foods. These foods will negatively impact your health one way or the other.

So what should you do to prevent this? You need to be more conscious and aware of your feeling of hunger. You should be able to distinguish the difference between craving for tasty foods and real hunger. You need to eat to quench your hunger and not taste. When you feel you want to eat something to satisfy your hunger, and you do not mind what type of food it is, then it means you are really hungry. It means your body is telling you it is deprived of energy. On the contrary, if you feel like I need this food, I will only eat this type of food, then it is your craving for taste and not real hunger. In other words, your body doesn’t need anything but you want to have a particular type of food just for the way it tastes.

If you really feel hungry you don’t need to wait any longer to take your food. You can consume any healthy food when you are hungry. But instead, if you want to taste a particular food or snack and keep munching on it all day long, then it should be considered as a bad habit. Only then you will start to feel indifferent about it. You should wait till you feel really hungry after this craving to consume the food.

When you start to develop the habit of eating only when you are really hungry, you can forget about researching into foods that are good for you. You can just go ahead and eat something that you think will be good for you. The reason, your body has a natural intelligence to grasp all the needed nutrients and goodness out of whatever food you eat when you are really hungry. And it will flush out the unwanted wastes out of the system.

People who regularly cook their food at home and consume it for every meal session, need not have to worry a lot. These people can easily adapt to the habit of eating only when they feel hungry. But, on the contrary, people who eat out a lot are usually addicted to their taste buds. These people need to be extra careful about their eating habits. These people will have a list of all tasty foods and snacks in a particular hotel and crave for it all the time. There is one thing that you can be very certain about. You can only taste your foods as long as it stays on your tongue. So eat for your body and not for your tongue.