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What is the Difference Between Permanent and Temporary Hair loss

There are many reasons for hair loss and hair fall, this includes environment or surroundings, body type, genetic factors and many others. Not taking care of your hair properly is one among the many reasons.

Our head has approximately 1 million hairs. These hairs are usually soft when we are born, and as we age it becomes more hard and dense. Nearly 80 percent of our hair continuously undergoes growth, while 15 percent of our hair is asleep. 5 percent of our hair falls off.

A single hair grows continuously for three years and remains without any growth for 3 months, and then falls off. Nearly 50 to 70 hairs fall off every single day. This is quite natural and nothing to be worried about. Roots of these fallen hairs will be active and start to grow a new hair soon. It is only when the roots fail to produce new hairs, we call it as hair loss.

Temporary and Permanent Hair loss

Hair loss that occurs due to dandruff and due to diseases like typhoid are nor permanent. We call permanent hair loss as Androgenetic Alopecia. A byproduct of androgen hormone can destroy hair roots. When this byproduct gets increased in quantity it leads to baldness. This doesn’t happen due to genetic reason. It can be rectified through proper medications.

Two Types of Hair

There are two types of hairs in your head. Hairs that are affected by androgen hormones, and hairs that are not affected by it. During hair implant surgery, the hair from the region that is not affected by this hormone is taken out and planted in the bald region. It is similar to planting grass patches in a football field.

Plastic Hair Implants

If the baldness has spread to most part of the head, then we can make use of plastic hairs. Plastic hair implants are bit complicated and not suitable for fall. Initially, one of two hairs is planted on the bald region to check if there are any side effects, allergies, or intolerance. Doctors will proceed with further implants only after confirming zero side effects. These plastic hairs will last for three to five years duration. Maintaining it is quite a hard task.

Food For Hair loss

Consuming protein-rich foods like dates, pulses, cottage cheese will help a lot for temporary hair loss due to diseases. Iron-rich foods can also help in the process.

Keeping the scalp clean, healthy food habits, right maintenance of the hair can go a long way to combat hair loss problem.

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