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Vital Things to Keep In Mind While Traveling With Diabetes

Normally, it is good to plan your travel. It will make the travel more peaceful and pleasurable. Planning the travel is even more vital for diabetes patients. Even small preparations we do before travel can help us in a great way. Yes, it will make our travel trouble and problem free.

Things to watch out for Before Travel

It is good to get a medical check up with your Doctor before taking the vacation.

Discussing the place of travel of with Doctor and planning the food and medicines according to its weather conditions is a must. There will be the change in time zone while traveling abroad. Consulting a Doctor regarding this and how to cope up with its changes is a good idea.

Taking appropriate and necessary vaccines 4 weeks ahead of travel is a must. This can prevent certain health problems.

Ask the Doctor to give a list of regular medicines, medicines that need to taken during an emergency, consumption levels and common names of these medicines.

Patients who use insulin must make a note if its belong to Rapid acting, short acting, intermediate acting or long acting.

Some Airports do not accept certain medicines in to its boundaries.

Some Airports do not accept certain medicines into its boundaries. This restriction also applies for certain injections used for diabetes. Asking the Doctor to prepare a letter on kind of medicines the patients take and for what purpose, will prevent these problems.

What to Watch out for While Packing the Baggage

Medicines can be split and kept in two or three separate baggage. It is better to carry extra courses of medicines that last a week longer than your planned stay. Even If any one of the baggage gets lost, the person can still manage with medicines in other two baggages by doing this.

Make an ID card with necessary details and emergency contact numbers

Though there are medicines in the main baggage, it is better to keep a day’s worth of medicines, glucose in hand luggage.

It’s necessary to consume safer and hygienic foods while going for a long journey. Make sure to keep few food items in the handbag or hand luggage. This will help to prevent hypoglycemia.

Foot wounds are a major problem for diabetes patients. More caution is necessary to prevent this. Taking an extra pair of footwear is a must.

Having a little slip filled with patient’s details, his Doctor’s details and emergency contact numbers inside a shirt pocket or inside the purse is helpful. This will be of great help at times of emergency.

Check List for Diabetes Patients Before Making a Travel

  • Take a medical test before making the travel.
  • Take a travel medical insurance before travel.
  • Make an ID card with necessary details and emergency contact numbers.
  • Make a list of available of foods at the place of travel or stay.
  • Take necessary medications.
  • Get a medical summary of yourself from your Doctor.
  • Make a list of nearby hospitals, drugstores and its contacts number near the place of stay.
  • Take necessary precautions to prevent hypoglycemia. Get Doctor’s advice on what to do in case of its occurrence.
  • Avoid unhygienic and unhealthy foods at the place of travel and stay.