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What Determines Our Happiness? Genes or Mind?

A London based doctor named Jan Emmanuel De Neve conducted a study in the year 2011. The study is basically a research into Happiness of humans. It involved nearly 2500 individuals belonging to different age groups and sex. Each of these individuals was asked a question as to how happy they are with their life. Additionally, their genes were put to test. This study concluded that gene named 5 – HTT is responsible for a person’s happiness.

Serotonin hormone which makes us happy is secreted into our nervous system with the help of 5 – HTT gene. This study further concluded that people with lesser levels of serotonin are relatively more stressed over people with higher levels of this hormone.

Different individuals left in a similar situation behave differently. Similar nor all individuals share equal levels of happiness. This study points out how the levels of happiness differ with different genes. Though this study hasn’t reached its full conclusion yet, the results of this study have received a mixed response so far.

What Determines Your Happiness? Is it your Genes or you Mind?

Many of us believe that we determine our happiness, and no other force in the world can influence it. When Jan Emmanuel De Neve was questioned based on this belief, his aptly replied that he is not concluding that it is the genes that are fully responsible for our happiness, but we should consider why some people are always happy right from the birth? and why there are individuals who do not feel happiness despite having everything they need? It is in this question lies the big role of genes towards our happiness he claims.

There are four hormones in total that play a big role in our happiness.


While we are sprinting in a 100-meter competition, the last 10 meters is always the hardest part, we go through extreme pain during that time. It is in this time your body starts to secrete the Endorphins and gives us the instant boost to our energy levels, this is what makes us give that extra push towards the final part of the race. Endorphins is secreted by our body when we go through extreme pain or pressure, both mentally and physically. It is secreted by our central nervous system or pituitary gland.


Dopamine is what makes you write poems, and enjoy the beauty of the opposite sex while you are in love with someone. This hormone will be instantly released by our body the moment you get to see the person you admire and love the most.


Oxytocin hormone is responsible for our fighting spirit, it is what lifts us back and give us more energy to fight back at the obstacles thrown at us. Oxytocin hormone is what gives us courage, hope, and self-respect. A little hug for a person who is depressed is enough to initiate the secretion of oxytocin. Additionally, this hormone is passed on to the body through its mother’s milk.


This hormone is secreted by our stomach and head. Serotonin is responsible for several things like happiness, love, lust, hunger, sleep, memory, studies etc.. Lower levels of serotonin can make a person feel depressed.

Thin Line that Separates Happiness and Sadness

There is just a very thin line that separates happiness from sadness. The only person who determines what to choose between the two is you. There are little things that you need to follow to keep yourself happy most of the time.

Laugh out Loud, and Life will Laugh back

When you laugh out loud, all the muscles in your face will stretch to its maximum level. This will send a signal to your brain that you are happy. The brain will, in turn, keep you fresh and happy. So a little laugh is enough to bring out the superhuman in you.

Do What You Love

Do not postpone or shy away from little things that make you happy like drenching in rain, playing your favorite sports, watching movies, eating chocolates, playing around on a beach and what not. It is only when you do things you love, do all the four hormones responsible for happiness will be secreted in your body.

Brisk Walk

Spend at least 90 minutes a day to practice walking exercise. A Study conducted by Gregory Bratman of Stanford University made a solid conclusion with reliable proofs that walking in the natural environment will more effectively relieve a person from all the mental stress and depression.

Synthetic Happiness

When we are stuck in a lot of painful emotions, we should try to artificially create a fake happiness and make ourselves believe that it exists, and we should hang on to this happiness and try to come out of the negative emotions. This technique is what is termed as synthetic happiness. Many psychologists suggest this treatment for mentally depressed individuals.

Qualities of a Happy Person

  • One who makes and involves in long conversations.
  • Happy people feel satisfied with their present work.
  • They can take immediate decisions.
  • They do not hide their emotions and freely express it.
  • People who are happy are surrounded by more friends.

Some Quick Facts

  • Spending 6 to 7 hours a day with family and friends which doesn’t involve mouth battles with increase a person’s happiness by nearly 12 folds.
  • A person with more than 10 friends will create the happy atmosphere for him/herself most of the time.
  • 33, 55, and 70 are considered as the happiest ages in a person’s lifetime.
  • Having sex two times a week will keep a person happy.
  • A company that keeps all its staffs happy will effectively increase the sales on its products by nearly 37%.
  • We laugh 30 times more when we are surrounded by people as compared to when we are alone.
  • When a person experiences happiness for more than 5 hours a day, his or her lifespan will increase by nearly 6 years.
  • Nearly 2.4 million people tweet every morning around that world claiming they are happy.