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Dangerous Effects of Soft Drinks to Our Teeth

A recent research reveals that one of the main reason for teeth problems is soft drinks. In the modern world, many people have replaced water with soft drinks and carbonated drinks. This habit has turned out to be quite harmful to our teeth.

Sugar, colorants, flavors, and other chemicals found in these soft drinks directly effects the enamel. A research institute in Adelaide, Australia has made a study on effects of soft drinks on teeth damage. Nearly 16,800 children participated in this study and the results revealed nearly 28 percent of these participants feel victims of the dental cavity, tooth discoloration, and many other teeth problems.

Additionally, excessive levels of acids and sugar present in these drinks bring about tooth problems at a much younger age. It makes tooth roots to lose its strength claims American Journal of Public Health. On the contrary, they claim people who drink fluoridated water has fewer chances for tooth decay or teeth problems.

So avoid providing your kids with soft drinks and carbonated drinks to replace the water.