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Cuisipro Collapsible Yogurt Maker – Make the Perfect Yogurt

Yogurt consumption has increased to a great degree in the recent times, as many dieticians suggest it for many reasons. If you are on a weight loss diet, then yogurt must be an essential part of your daily diet, as it supplies with needed levels of protein. Protein intake reduces the body pain and feeling of exhaustion after a heavy workout session.

While we are used to buying commercially available yogurt as preparing yourself at home is a little demanding task, especially maintaining the right temperature to kick start the fermentation process.

But people at cuisipro came up with a great solution to make our own yogurt at home with very little effort. This yogurt maker from cusipro helps you to provide that right temperature and environment for the fermentation process. Plus it turns off automatically after the fermentation is just enough, just to make sure the yogurt doesn’t taste very sour.

Just heat the milk to 85-degree Celsius, and cool it down to around 40 to 45-degree Celsius, add the starter, transfer the milk to the needed containers and place it inside yogurt maker and turn on the switch. The yogurt maker will maintain just the right temperature for the perfect and great tasting yogurt. Once the fermentation is just right, cool it down in your refrigerator for around 4 hours and use it within 5 days.

The yogurt maker is collapsible, so when not in use, just collapse it and store it anywhere in your kitchen.

What is the price?

It costs around $50 in Amazon with free shipping. But price tends to vary slightly depending upon your location.

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