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Coconut Oil: 7 Reasons on Why its Extremely Good For Your Health

Coconut oil belongs to a category of oils known as medium-chain triglycerides or MCT in short. Many recent studies and research into this type of oil have revealed some interesting facts about these oils and how it could be really beneficial for your overall health.

Though MCT oils are loaded with fat content, most of these fat contents are actually good fats which are beneficial for your body and these fat contents could even help you with your weight loss pursuit. These oils mainly contain three types of fatty acids, lauric, capric, and caprylic acids. Both lauric and caprylic acids are beneficial for your weight loss regimen by providing you an instant boost to your energy levels. However capric acid doesn’t aid weight loss, but it is very effective in fighting against microbes, bacterias, fungi, viruses that leads to various ailments. So in a way it boosts your immunity.

1. It Boosts your energy levels

Medium chain triglycerides oils are readily digested by your body as opposed to other fats. Long chain fats sourced from other oils get accumulated in your body cells, organs, and tissues but MCTs directly reaches your liver where it gets readily broken up and converted into energy. On the contrary, other types of fats have to go through a long tedious journey before they reach the liver to be broken down into energy.

2. Helps with Weight loss

Like mentioned earlier, coconut oils are great for weight loss. And this is not a blind claim. There is a study that was conducted in Japan which involved 78 men and women. The participants were split into two groups. One of the group was made to consume foods that are cooked with MCT oils and another group was made to consume foods which had similar amounts of calories but cooked with oils that contained long chain fatty acids. Results of this study after 12 weeks showed participants who had foods cooked with MCT oil lost more weight and fat over the other group.

A similar study was conducted with 17 obese women where one group of these women are made to eat foods that contained medium chain fatty acids against the other group of women who had foods that contained long-chain fatty acids for 27 days in total. At the end of 27 days, their body’s fat levels were measured using MRI scan. The results showed that group of women who had foods that contained medium chain fats significantly burned more fat over the other group.

3. Protects and Strengthens your heart

Prime reasons for heart conditions and heart diseases are deposition of bad cholesterol, increase in blood sugar levels, and increase in blood pressure. A research study published in Pharmacological Research revealed that MCT oils like coconut oil reduced the deposition of bad cholesterol, improved insulin sensitivity which ensures the right level of blood sugar and stepped up metabolism. All these factors directly found to improve the heart’s health in a great way. Additionally, it is found to keep diabetes under control.

4. Fights Microbes and Bugs

Main sources of infections are bacterias, yeasts, and viruses. In a study done at Kent State University, Ohio, found that lauric fatty acid found in MCT oils inhibits the growth of these harmful bugs, bacterias, and viruses and enhances your immunity against them. In particular, it is found to be very effective against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria which is responsible for staph infections, and E-coli bacteria which plays a great role in food poisoning and causes diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration.

5. Controls Alzheimer’s Disease

In an ongoing research that is being carried out at the University of South Florida’s Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute researchers found out Alzheimer’s patients have improved their condition when they are fed with liquid supplements in the combination of coconut oil and other MCT oils. This study is being conducted on people who are over 60 years of age and suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

6. Helps to Burn More Fat

MCT oil like coconut oil increases the production of ketones. If you do not know about ketones. They are chemical compounds that are released when the reserved fat in the body is burned to produce energy. So if you want to burn more stored fat in your body and want to lose weight then include MCT oils in your diet to channel your efforts in the right direction. Make sure you are including non-starchy vegetables along with the oil. Starchy vegetables will increase the sugar levels in your body which is not something you want when you are in the pursuit to lose weight and excessive boy fat.

7. How to Take it

Doctors recommend taking 1 tbsp of MCT oil every day. You can also take it in the supplement form, make sure you are taking 13 grams of capsules a day. You can either take the oil directly or you can add it to your foods like salads or smoothies. Do not heat the oil as it alters the chemical structure which might impact your health in a negative way. If you are opting for supplements make sure it contains either coconut oil or palm oil.