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Vitiligo: Top 4 Treatments to Cure It Effectively

We feel pity whenever someone with white skin patches passes by. Though it is not an infectious skin disease, most of us would want to stay away from these people. This is not just a skin problem, it is a social problem as well.

This is one of the oldest skin diseases on record. It is as old as 1550 BC. We call this skin problem as Vitiligo and also as Leucoderma. In Greek the term “leuco” means white and “derma” means skin.

Vitiligo is considered as one of the diseases that occur due to the autoimmune disorder. This skin condition can also be hereditary. It can happen to anyone irrespective of their age, gender, complexion, and country of origin. It progresses very slowly before it reaches its peak. Just like the disease, the treatments for this problem also work very slowly. It will cause a lot of inconvenience in affected people.


  • Our skin contains a coloring pigment called melanin. Melanin helps to protect our skin from radiations and sunlight. When there is excess sunlight over the skin, melanin rushes to the skin surface to protect us from harmful radiations.
  • When our skin cannot produce enough melanin due to some reason, it would lead problems with the functioning of melanin, and this leads to vitiligo. But, there is no conclusive proof or studies that suggest the exact reason for Leucoderma.
  • It doesn’t spread all over the body in a single day. Rather, it starts with hands, legs, mouth, and gradually progresses throughout the body. Treating this disease is really easy if it is detected in its early stages.

What are the treatments

  • UVA and UVB Radiation: When the affected skin surface is exposed to UVA and UVB radiation, it triggers melanin production. This is an excellent treatment if the disease is in its initial stage.
  • Phototherapy: In this treatment, the affected person will be made to swallow a particular tablet, and after one hour, he or she will be made to sit under PUVA light. This results in melanin production. But, this kind of treatment comes with its own set of side effects.
  • Melanocyte Transplantation: This is a kind of surgery, it should only be performed by an expert Doctor.
  • Camouflage Treatment: This treatment is similar to having a tattoo. But, the results of this treatment lasts only up to two years. After this time period, skin color will start to fade off.

Best Foods for People with Vitiligo

  • Bottle gourd, beans, and green vegetables
  • Banana, naseberry, watermelon, pomegranate
  • Sprouts, and soaked almonds, and walnut
  • Bottle gourd juice and carrot juice (without sugar)