What Causes Bad Body Odor and its Treatments

Sweat helps to maintain our body temperature. Additionally, it removes the excess water from the system. Though sweating is a common thing for all of us, for some sweating is a constant occurrence. These people have problems with moving in public, most people try to stay away from them due to body odor. due to this, they have problems in their personal life as well. There are many powders and deodorants available in the market now to reduce this body odor problem. But, using them regularly can lead to skin irritation and infections.

Sweating is Good

When we are exposed to hot sunlight, sweat glands present in our skin releases sweat to reduce our body’s temperature. Exercising, jogging and any intensive physical activity increase body temperature, this triggers our sweat glands as well for the same reason, that is to control the body heat.

Why there is an odor in sweat?

Naturally, sweat doesn’t have any odor. Drinks such as coffee, tea that are rich in caffeine, and alcohol increase acidic nature of our body. This makes our sweat to smell bad.

Additionally, deep fried foods and toxins present in it will also increase acidic nature of our body, this leads to foul smelling sweat as well.

The topmost layer of our skin has both good and bad bacterias. Good bacterias protect us from infections that are caused due to pollution, dust, and smoke. Bad bacterias in armpits and other hidden areas will cause skin infections, which will lead to body odor.

Propionibacteria plays a major role in making our sweat smell bad. The growth of this bacteria will be more rapid during teenage. It lives in sweat glands present in armpits, and other hidden areas. But this will not directly induce bad smell in sweat. It destroys the amino acids in our body and replaces it with propionic acid. When this acid gets mixed with sweat, it makes the sweat to smell bad.

The odor that has its source in socks, shoes, and dandruff in the head scalp is due to yeast or fungal infections.


We have organic perfumes and body sprays that don’t induce skin irritation and infections now. These products can be used with advice from a dermatologist.

When a person sweats more, the body odor that is caused due to bad bacteria increases. So, reducing the sweat level will reduce the body odor. There are some treatments available to reduce the level of sweat.


Botox is a time-tested treatment that is primarily offered for people who sweat a lot. In this treatment, the person will be injected with drugs that will cause numbness, and a special cream will be applied to the skin surface. By this treatment, we can reduce the levels of sweat for up to 9 months. Additionally, it will prevent the growth of bad bacterias on the skin surface. The same procedure can be followed once in 9 months time interval.

Is there a permanent solution?

There are specific treatments available to shrink the sweat glands present in armpits and thigh regions. This will reduce the sweat levels. There is a final resort available when these treatments fail to reduce sweat levels. In this treatment, some sweat glands in the armpits will be permanently removed. Due to this, there will be a permanent reduction in the levels of sweat.