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Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box – Use Your Grills to Cook Pizza

Wooden burning ovens are considered as best way to cook your pizzas, but not everyone likes to stand its heat, smoke, and hard task of controlling it. Additionally, if you have one of those expensive large grills and hardly put it to use, then this pizza oven box will be a valuable addition to increase its worth.

The cooking chamber of this pizza oven box is made out of same material used in the wooden burning oven, so you get the similar and high-quality pizza cooking in a wooden oven.

How to use it?

It needs to be placed on top of larger grills which have a minimum of three burners to work. So if you have a smaller grill you are out of luck. So place it on top the grills and turn on the heat to maximum. Once the cooking chamber reaches the right temperature you can start cooking your favorite pizzas. The best part is, it takes just around 2 minutes to cook pizzas.

What is its use other than cooking pizza?

Apart from cooking high quality and great tasting pizzas, it can be used to roast meat, fish, and vegetables. Additionally, it can also be used to bake bread, pastries, and cookies. So the possibilities are almost endless.

What is it Made of?

Outer side or outer housing of the pizza oven box is made of enameled steel, while the cooking surface is made out of the stone baking chamber. Its unique design enables for uniform heat circulation so the entire portion of the cooking chamber is maintained at the same temperature. This helps to cook really yummy pizzas.

What is the cost?

Bakerstone Pizza oven box is priced at $124. Which makes it a valuable addition to your large grills. (If you own one)

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