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Are you Sleeping Way too Much? It could Be Anemia

“I do not know what happened to me, I am sleeping way too much and I cannot able to wake up from sleep” it has become a common statement from many people in recent times. Most of us start our work feeling tired every morning. One of the main reason for it could be Anemia. Red blood cells in our body do the work of transporting oxygen to our muscles. Reduced levels of red blood cells is what is termed as Anemia.

If you have Anemia, your body will get tired way too quickly. When you get tired you will want to take rest. People with Anemia will fall asleep way too often. Deficiency of Iron, Vitamin B-12,  reduced production of hemoglobin are some of the many reasons for Anemia.

So what are the solutions?

  1. You need to find out the real reason for Anemia and get it treated.
  2. When it is less severe, it’s enough if you take in right vitamin tablets and right intake of healthy foods.
  3. For moderate to severe Anemia, consulting a Doctor is vital. Following Doctor’s directions in taking tablets, vaccines and changes to your diets will be really important.

Foods that Cure Anemia

Greens, red colored vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, nuts, palm sugar, papaya, curry leaves, fig fruit, urad dhal, cereals, chickpea etc… should be taken into your diet on a daily basis.