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9 Warning Signs of Alzheimer You Should Not Ignore

Alzheimer is a type of Dementia disease that occurs at old age. Around 60 to 70 percent people who are affected by dementia become victims of Alzheimer. One of the worrying things is that these numbers are on the rise in recent times. In this article, we have listed out some warning signs of Alzheimer. If you frequently notice any of these warning signs with you or with your family member or friends, immediately consult a Doctor.

Misplacing Items

A person who is affected by Alzheimer will frequently misplace things from their regular location. They will also forget its location and struggle to figure it out.

Difficulty with Having a Conversation

Alzheimer affected person will not able to make speeches or have a conversation without hiccups. They will stop talking in-between a conversation. They will not be able to figure out a way to continue the conversation further. A similar problem can be noticed while they are engaged with writing.

Confusion with Regards to Place and Time

Alzheimer patient will not have any awareness about the place, time, location, and season. They will always feel confused about something that seems to be discontinuous.

Loss of Ability to Take Decisions

They will make really bad decisions when it comes to money. They will not properly groom themselves and show less interest in their personal hygiene.

Separate themselves from Social Activities

When a person fails to take part in social activities, projects related to work, sports, it means he or she is ignoring the society. This is also a sign of Alzheimer.

Having Difficulties with Work

They will struggle to finish their work at both office and at home. Sometimes they will even forget their way back home.

Memory loss

Alzheimer patient will forget even small things which they learned in recent past. They will forget the important dates. Will keep asking the same question over and over again.

Confusion with Understanding Shapes and Faces

Some people have confusion with figuring out and understanding what they read, measuring distances, and identifying colors. They will even have confusion with identifying their own reflection on a mirror.

Change in Character and Mindset

They will become victims of emotions like confusion, doubt, fear, anxiety, sadness. They will have frequent conflicts with family members, friends, and colleagues. They will feel alienated in their own home.