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9 Things to Keep in Mind Before Treating Pimples

That feeling of helplessness when you notice a first pimple just popping out, and when its numbers keep increasing it’s quite depressing indeed. Sometimes even if the pimples would just disappear on its own, out of sheer desperation we make things worse by handling it the hard way like pressing on it, scooping it out of the skin surface, consequently making a permanent mark on the skin. When you start to understand about pimples, you can effectively prevent it. Even if it starts to appear you can get rid of it without leaving any permanent marks.

What is a Pimple?

Each hair that comes out of your skin surface has an oil gland that’s attached to it. Swelling in this area is what we call as a pimple. In general, pimples start to appear in teenage. The presence of sebaceous glands count on skin surface differs from person to person. Testosterone hormone, which is usually secreted in excess for youngsters and teenagers triggers sebaceous glands. This leads to excess secretion of oil over the skin surface. Youngsters and teenagers are usual victims of excessive pimples.

Major Reasons for Pimples

  • Excess oil secretion
  • Excessive growth of the skin cells,
  • Blocks in skin pores

Once the pores are blocked, secreted oil triggers bacterial growth, in particular, its a bacteria called propionibacterium that is responsible for swelling on the skin surface which leads to pimples.

These are the four major ways through which pimples are formed.

Despite this, PCOS, hormone imbalance, eating foods that will increase sugar levels in blood like chocolates, sweets, and fruits rich in sugar contents can also induce pimples.

4 Stages of Pimples

Excessive swelling on the skin surface which is really visible to our naked eyes is what we usually think of as pimples. But in reality, there are four stages for pimples.

Blocks inside the skin surface, we call it as white heads. This will gradually develop into blockhead. Due to swelling under the skin surface, papules, small bumps on the skin starts to surface. When pus gets mixed with papules, we get a pustule which starts to project even more on the skin surface. When this gets even bigger, we call it as the cyst. When cyst gets much bigger we call it as the nodule.

Treatment for pimples varies with its varying stages and sizes.

There is a close relation between dandruff and pimples

We tend to think Dandruff appears because of dry scalp surface, but in reality, excess secretion of sebum and bacteria growth over it leads to dandruff. So pimples and dandruff have a very close connection. Once pimples start to appear, it’s essential to check for dandruff over the scalp and treat it.

Where do we get pimples?

Wherever there is excess secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands. Face, top of the head, shoulders, back, lowers hips are some of the prominent locations where pimples are predominantly formed.

Treatments for Pimples

  • Wash the face 2 to 3 times a day. For those with oily skin use a face wash with salicylic acid. Facewash with retinoid will remove the blocks on skin pores. Using anti-bacterial soap does help a lot.
  • Using creams with benzoyl peroxide will kill off and remove bacterias responsible for pimples. Also, it reduces the oil secretion.
  • Creams with oxalic acid and glycolic acid will remove the scars and marks left behind by pimples.
  • For people with clusters of pimples, it would be essential to treat it with antibiotic medicines.
  • People with really high levels of pimples will be treated with medicines containing isotretinoin.

These medicines are capable of contracting the oil glands. As these types of medicines can sometimes cause severe side effects, pregnant ladies must avoid using them. Also, these medicines must only be used with Doctor’s direction.

Light treatment, chemical bleach treatment, laser treatments do fetch good results.

To remove and reduce the after effects and scars of pimples microdermabrasion, micro needling radio frequency treatments fetch excellent results.

Being cautious is important

When swelling reaches to blockhead stage, it can be prevented from becoming a pimple, however handling blockheads aggressively may leave permanent marks on the skin. So it’s better to avoid those aggressive methods or home remedies.

People with a large number of pimples should maintain a clean scalp surface.

Do foods help?

Fish is good, but eating a deep fried fish could lead to even more pimples. Avoid oily foods.

Vegans can have soya beans and soya based foods.

Avoid sweets like chocolates and even fruits that are rich in sugar contents.

Eat more raw and fresh vegetables and salads.

Be cautious with Makeups

Avoid products that have excess oil content. Use only products that have Non-comedogenic mentioning. Using those products will prevent blackhead and whitehead formation. Use the moisturizer that is specifically manufactured for people with pimples.

It’s really important to avoid facials at the beauty parlor. If needed consult a dermatologist and undergo microdermabrasion to remove blackheads.

Avoid washing the face frequently. Doing so will only lead to excess oil secretion on the skin surface which will lead to even more pimples.