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9 Natural Body Odor Eliminators You Can Try at Home

Most frustrating things about hot summer are hot sun and sweat. But it is not just the sweat that is frustrating, it’s the odor that comes along with it. There are some quick and easy tips you can follow to get rid of body odor.

Take Bath Twice a Day

Taking bath two times a day is a must. Mixing lemon extract or lemon skin in water for few minutes before taking bath will prevent body odor.

Remove unwanted hairs

Shave off or remove unwanted hairs near the reproductive organs. The presence of hair in these places will make these regions to sweat more. This will lead to bacterial growth which will further increase the body odor.

Watch out for your Food

There is a deeper link between the food we eat and body odor. Eating onions, garlic, and spicy foods will trigger more sweat production and thereby increases body odor.

Tulsi Leaves

Squeeze tulsi leaves and mix this extract with tea tree oil. Apply this in armpits. Leave it for few minutes and take a bath. This will remove the odor emerging from armpits.

Mint Leaves

Take a handful of mint leaves and boil it in water. Take this extract and mix it with water before taking bath. Taking bath in this water will remove body odor and makes us feel fresh.

Drink Enough Water

It is a must to drink enough water every day. Drinking 3 liters of water on a daily basis will remove toxins in the body. This will, in turn, get rid of body odor.

Oats and Honey

Mix 1.4 cup oats with 2 teaspoon honey. Use this as a scrub while taking bath. As this removes dead body cells, it will decrease body odor.

Lavender Oil

Mix three drops of lavender oil with water and take bath in it. This not only removes body odor but also enables deep sleep.

Rose Petals

Take a bowl of warm water, mix a handful of rose petals in warm water and leave it overnight. Filter this water next morning and mix it with water used for taking bath. Bathing in this water will naturally bring down body odor.