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Top 8 Stomach Ulcer Treatment at Home

Peptic ulcer is a common problem that affects both young and old age people. Not having food on time is the major reason for this problem. Untimely foods will lead to excess stomach acid secretions, which will create a wound inside the stomach. This will cause severe stomach pain. If it’s not treated in early stages, it can lead to very big health problems. Instead of taking medications for this problem, it can be cured using effective home remedies.

Coconut Milk

Have a cup of coconut milk during one of your meal sessions every day. If you eat rice, Mix it with rice. When consumed regularly this will cure the ulcer.

Cabbage, bitter gourd and Drumstick

Including cabbage, bitter gourd and drumstick into your daily menu will help to cure the ulcer.

Apple juice and beetroot juice

Drinking a glass of apple juice and beetroot juice without sugar every day is an excellent cure for peptic ulcer

Gooseberry Juice

One of the best medicine for the ulcer is gooseberry juice. Mix gooseberry juice in yogurt and have it every day, this will cure stomach irritation that results from the ulcer.

Garlic with Honey

Mix two to three cloves of garlic with a tablespoon of honey and consume it regularly. This will destroy the ulcer-causing bacteria in the stomach.

Fenugreek and Cactus

Drinking fenugreek tea and cactus juice is the best cure for ulcer and stomach irritation. Also, it is a must to drink a lot of water when you have the ulcer.