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8 Miraculous Health Benefits of August Tree Leaves or Humming Bird Tree Leaves

August or humming bird trees are commonly found in the southern part of India. In Tamilnadu, there are different varieties of the same tree. Irrespective of its variety, leafs from these tree packs in numerous health benefits which are literally miraculous. Some of it is listed below.

Health Benefits of August/Humming Bird Tree Leaves

1. Hummingbird tree leaves are rich in Vitamin-A, and Iodine. People who smoke a lot can get good results for lung infections by consuming these leaves.

2. Eating it regularly with right intervals will help to cure constipation completely.

3. Preparing it as a curry by mixing it with dhal or pulses will cure all problems related to digestion. It will also remove worms in the stomach.

4. Administering 2 to 3 drops of this leaf extract into nostrils and breathing it in will cure periodic fever and headache related to it.

5. Applying august tree leaf extract over the scalp before washing your hair will cure mental and psychological problems.

6. Mixing one part of this leaf’s extract with five parts of honey and applying it over the scalp in babies and kids will cure sinus problems.

7. Applying humming bird tree leaf extract over ringworm, infections in the stomach and thigh region will help to cure it rapidly.

8. Bandaging injuries in legs and hands with these leaves will make it heal faster

Hummingbird tree leaves must not be consumed often, doing so might lead to diarrhea and other infections.