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8 Magic Numbers for Healthier and Happy Life

Do not come to a conclusion that I am talking about numerology with the title. Just like we use a scale to measure distances which act as a guide for measurements. We can use certain numbers to guide us for healthier and happier life. So always remember these numbers and follow the instructions below them. It will definitely transform you into a healthy person.

Number Two (2)

Do not be sitting in front of your computer for hours together, get up once in two hours time, take a little walk, stand up, do a little stretching. This not only helps you from falling asleep, it helps to maintain cholesterol levels in our body at normal levels.

Number Three (3)

Three cups of coffee a day will keep you active and make you feel joyful. Additionally, it will keep you feeling more alive. Bioactive Compounds in coffee will help to maintain insulin secretion in our body. Many studies suggest that drinking coffee will prevent deaths that occur due to diabetes and neurological problems.

Number Twenty-Five (25)

It is enough if you do twenty-five minutes of walking exercise a day to increase your lifespan. A German scientific study suggests that walking for 25 minutes a day will increase our lifespan by nearly seven years. People who are over 50 years of age should definitely walk on a daily basis. Doing so, they will very effectively prevent heart attacks and other heart-related problems.

Number Forty (40)

Chewing the food we eat is a vital part of food consumption. We must chew our foods nearly forty times before swallowing it. This will ensure we get all nutrients present in the food we eat.

Number Forty-Five (45)

We need a little rest after completing a complex and difficult task. Taking a little nap for 45 minutes after the task will keep us more fresh and active for the next one.

Number Sixty-Six (66)

Many times in our lifetime so far we would have taken up the challenge of waking up early, losing weight, exercise regularly, and much more. But most of these challenges would have ended up in vain. It is proven scientifically that when you continue doing a particular task regularly for 66 days continuously it will naturally become your lifestyle and becomes much easier to practice. So when you take up your next challenge, remember the number 66 (sixty-six).

Number Seventy-Six (76)

When we are at rest and at ease, our heart beat should be at the rate of 76 times per minute. When it beats in excess of 76 times per minute or beats less than 62 times per minute than it should be dealt with more caution.

Number 800 (Eight Hundred)

Not just unwashed socks, using the same shoes for over 800 km is also harmful to your health. Just because it looks as good as new doesn’t mean it is good for you. So change your shoes after right time intervals.