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7 Ways to Prevent Dangerous effects of Make Up

Makeup does a great job of enhancing your beauty to a whole new level. But keep in mind that the same makeup can also ruin your beauty as well. Your skin not only gets damaged because of low-quality cosmetics, it gets ruined when you do not properly remove your make up.

One of the most important tasks of miss universe to your local model on a daily basis would be to remove their daily makeup completely before going to sleep. If you have any doubts on that, you can ask them directly. It is not only suitable for party make ups, but also for casual make-ups, sun screens, lotion, and powder varieties.

There should not be any traces of makeup before heading to sleep.

Make sure you do not have traces of makeup left on your face before going to sleep. Sleep will naturally nourish our skin. When you fail to remove the makeup, it will block the pores in your skin. This will block the air flow to your skin. It will potentially block your skin from getting refreshed after sleep.

Use Cleansers along with Soap and Face Wash

It is not enough to wash your face only with a soap or a face wash. It is only when you use cleaners, will the germs and microbes that clog your skin pores get flushed out. Cleansers are not just for people who use makeup on a regular basis, it is also good for people who do not use makeup or cosmetics. It will keep your skin clean and make it feel more healthy.

When you Don’t Remove Makeup at Night

When you fail to wash off makeup at night, it could lead to many skin problems like pimples, blisters, wrinkles, dark circles and many other problems. Additionally, when you repeat it for multiple nights, the makeup products will start to intensely clog the skin pores and this will lead to severe bacterial infections.

Be Watchful for Mascara

There is no bigger danger than leaving your mascara unwashed before sleep. It will lead to hair fall in eye lash area. Sometimes the mascara can get in-between the eye lashes and reaches your eyes in sleep, this can lead to eyesight problems if it is a low-quality mascara.

Petroleum Jelly Over Cleanser

Some special occasions might demand heavy makeup. These makeups might be little hard to remove with a normal cleanser. In such instances, you can use petroleum jelly. It will even remove waterproof make-ups completely.

Using Tissue Paper is not a Good Idea

Some people use tissue paper and wet tissues to remove make ups. This will not completely remove the makeup. It will only remove the makeup on the outer layer of the skin. It will not remove the chemicals stuck in the skin pores. So the best way to remove it would be by using cleansers.

The cleanser will not wash away the makeup in a single go. So you should use the cleaner at least couple of times. While using cleaner you can massage your skin in clockwise motion. This will increase the blood circulation to your skin.

Removing Makeup must be Done in Steps

Removing makeup should be done in steps. Meaning, you need to remove the makeup in the eye region separately, lips section separately and finally proceed to the other parts of the face. Lips stick must be removed first, otherwise, it will spread to other parts of your face and it will complicate the task.

After completing the lips section, you should proceed to the eyes. You need to take extra care while cleansing the eye section, as the skin around the eye area is extremely soft and sensitive. Do not put too much pressure on your eyes while cleansing. You can make use of eye make up remover for eyes.

Next, you need to remove the foundation. You need to use a quality makeup remover for this process. After cleansing the face for a couple of times, you need to wash the face with fresh and clean water. Then you need to apply moisturizer and toner to the skin. Soak a clean cotton cloth in warm water and gently massage it over your facial skin, this will open up the pores in the skin and slowly flush out the clogged makeup.

Makeup might make you feel beautiful, but if you want to retain that beauty, you need to remove it before sleep.