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7 Simple and Down to Earth Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake

Many people avoid refined sugar in their diet thinking that it is the best thing they can do to ensure their wellbeing. But do you know that we also indirectly consume a lot of sugar through other foods? If you want to keep your blood sugar and sugar intake under control then you should also avoid these following foods.

World Health Organisation advises that a normal adult should not consume more than 30 grams of sugar per day. But many of the foods we intake on a daily basis is loaded with more amounts of sugar is the fact.

So apart from keeping the direct sugar intake under control, you should also maintain proper restrictions for indirect sugar intake.

Avoid Packaged Soft Drinks

If you are a regular drinker of carbonated beverages and other packaged soft drinks, stopping it will considerably reduce the sugar amounts that get into your blood. Alternatively, you can drink green or herbal tea. If you hate the bitter taste of these teas, then you can mix the lemon extract with a glass of water and drink it by adding a little bit of salt.

Say no to Sugar-Free, Sugar Cubes, and Artificial Sugar

Many people use sugar-free pellets or pills to substitute sugar as the manufacturers of these products claim that it contains fewer calories and practically adds much lesser levels of sugar to your blood. But this trick to cheat your body and taste bud is a bad idea. These products are much more harmful, they can make you put on more weight and possibly obese. So just stay away.

Honey is not an Alternative

Do not assume that it is refined sugar that is bad for your health and not other forms of sweet such as honey. Sugar present in any product and in any form is harmful to your health. Honey or refined sugar makes no difference. Both of them provides your body with glucose. So never consider honey as an alternative to sugar and consume it in excess.

Avoid Adding Sugar to Fruit Juices and Beverages

Many of us prepare fresh fruit juices and add sugar to it in order to make it taste better. Doing so you will not only miss the natural taste of the fruit, you will also end up consuming more sugar. Instead of reaping the benefits of the nutrients present in the fruits, our body ends up converting all that glucose into fat. Which will make drinking beverages more harmful over helpful. Additionally, try to minimise the usage of sugar in beverages like tea and coffee or avoid it completely. Doing so, you will practically start to notice improvements in your overall health.

Do not Overeat Fruits

It might come as a little surprise for you, but eating more fruits is also bad for your health because it increases the sugar levels in your body. The main reason for it is the presence of fructose in them. So if you consume fruits two times a day, reduce it to one time a day. Fruits are good for your health especially with all the nutrient content present in them, but too much of anything can be bad for your health. So replace that little extra fruit consumption with vegetables.

No sweet after a meal

Many of us believe that having a little sugar after each meal will ease the digestion process. Some of us are habituated to it. This is not good for your health. You can replace sweets with a cup of mint tea without sugar. You can also brush your teeth in the evening before dinner, this is will reduce your craving towards sugar in the night.

Check the Label

Keep in mind that any packaged food is bad for your health, but if you go for it under unavoidable situations, then check the label for the sugar content present in it. As much as possible avoid packaged foods that are high in sucrose, fructose, and glucose contents. It is also one of the easy ways through which you can reduce your sugar intake.