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7 Essential Foods You Must Consume Regularly

Dieticians and nutritionists claim that we can lead a healthy and disease free life just by eating healthy foods. It is enough if we properly plan our diet with easily available food items around us. We do not need anything out of the box is their claim. So we will see those seven most essential foods we must include in our foods regularly.

Beet Root

It is rich in iron, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. It prevents cancer. It loses its antioxidant property when heated. So it is better to consume it in raw form.


Cabbage contains a vital chemical substance called “Sulforaphane” which fights cancer cells. It is also rich in Vitamin-C.

This can be cooked along with other vegetable or consumed in raw form in salads. It is a good food for people with stomach disorders.


Cinnamon packs in numerous health benefits. In particular, It controls high blood pressure and regulates blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon can be made into a fine or coarse powder and it can be sprinkled over our food for consumption.


It is rich in antioxidants. It controls high blood pressure. It can either be had in raw form or had in juice form without adding any sugar.

Cantaloupe Seeds

Cantaloupe seeds are rich in many nutrients. It contains magnesium and increases the lifespan. It can be powdered, sprinkled over salad and consumed. Alternatively, you can roast it without oil and have as a snack.


Turmeric is best among all the spices. Many research revealed its cancer-fighting properties. It can be added to any dish while cooking, it can also be sprinkled over omelet and had.


This vegetable is low in calories. It is rich in Vitamin-A and fiber. It can be had with salads or it can be cooked along with other vegetables and consumed.

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